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For too long, millions have tolerated horrid oils and huge fish capsules that often prove difficult to swallow and cause fishy burps!

Finally, the world has an alternative! Omega Zooki is a tropical emulsion that eliminates the need to swallow huge capsules or stomach fishy oil each day.

Omega Zooki has a smooth, creamy texture and is enhanced with Vitamin E and Omega 3 Fatty Acids (high in EPA & DHA). YourZooki wanted to use only natural ingredients, so they coloured using Turmeric which is used as an anti-inflammatory.

Stuck between a rock and a fishy place? :O Not anymore!

Just one teaspoon is needed to hit your recommended daily amount of Omega 3 Fatty acids so why not get creative with YourZooki by:

  • Drizzling it over fruit
  • Supercharging a smoothie
  • Adding it to your porridge.
  • Take it straight from the spoon

You are only limited by your imagination…

Regardless of age, gender, activity levels, or occupation, consuming enough Omega 3 fatty acids is essential to your overall health.

  • Contributing to the normal function of your heart
  • Contributing to the maintenance of the normal function of your brain and vision
  • Easing Joint Pain and boosting the effectiveness of anti-inflammatory drugs

“The Omega Zooki made taking my Omega 3’s enjoyable rather than inconvenient, it tastes like a Solero.”
- Said Adrian Grimmond 14-time Iron Man and 2-time European Champion

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