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Purepotions’ new Hair & Scalp Range is an effective and complete haircare solution that is free from harsh detergents, polluting additives, synthetic preservatives and potentially-irritating petrochemicals, and is instead packed full of gloriously nourishing natural ingredients, including organic cold-pressed oils, herbal tinctures and essential oils. The quality of the ingredients is paramount so you won’t find any cheap fillers, artificial preservatives or synthetic perfumes in either product.

Purepotions Natural Shampoo with chamomile, nettle & chickweed: an exceptionally pure and gentle hair wash treatment with organic botanics to cleanse, nourish and condition.

Purepotions Natural Conditioner with calendula, oat and hemp seed oil: a wonderfully rich but skin-kind natural conditioner with organic oils to keep hair healthy, glossy and soft.

"The revolutionary nature of Purepotions Hair & Scalp range is not just what’s in it but what isn’t in it! Most shampoos, even the ones with fancy exotic oils added, are made with sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) or other synthetic derivatives. These can dry out the hair, strip it of its natural oils and even cause irritation of the scalp. Purepotions Hair & Scalp Natural Shampoo and Conditioner do not contain these harsh detergents; we use the mildest, plant-based and hypoallergenic surfactant possible in our Natural Shampoo, to very gently but effectively cleanse the hair and scalp. We add natural oils, herbal tinctures and botanical essences to nourish the hair and skin. Without SLS detergents you might find your hair needs less shampoo, less frequent washing and is left soft and glossy without a build-up of product!”

Natalie Balmond, formulator & founder, Purepotions


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