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SKIN MATTERS 2017 - the largest, most valuable meeting for all those with a skin condition.

SKIN MATTERS 2017 showcases industry leaders – from dermatologists to psychodermatologists to patient advocates – to create a uniquely inspirational environment.

These renowned industry professionals will present the latest advice and research in a comfortable and friendly setting, through presentations, demonstrations and open Q&A sessions. The full list of speakers can be found on the homepage of www.skinmatters2017.co.uk.

It will be fun, informative and inspiring, and aims to help you manage your skin condition for life.

Why attend SKIN MATTERS 2017?

In the rapidly changing fields of dermatology, healthcare and well-being, SKIN MATTERS 2017 will help you learn about all of your treatment options, help you access therapies you hadn’t even considered, and show you how a few small changes can make a huge positive impact on your condition and your life.
What you’ve told us you want to hear about:

  • Remission - clear day/week/month/year/future
  • Relief from intolerable symptoms
  • Answers to your questions
  • Which treatments to try, and when and why
  • New treatments your GP isn’t even aware of yet
  • How to help yourself
  • Avoiding the most common triggers
  • What worked for others
  • The possibility of a day off from your condition
  • How to stop scratching
  • New coping strategies for the things you can’t change
  • Help with dating/colleagues/friends/family/strangers
  • Meeting people who “just get it”

Normally priced at £32 – including a delicious lunch! Also includes refreshments throughout the day, afternoon tea and cake, and a one-off event goody bag! We thank our event supporters for this.


There are multiple similarities between the most common conditions. These include the stigma, a daily treatment regimen, the impact on quality of life, triggers, symptoms, a tower of pharmaceutical products (and the odd "miracle cream"!), potential therapies, and what patients want, need and expect from the medical system.

We welcome all those with any cause for concern about their skin, including psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, vitiligo, acne, ichthyosis, alopecia, mycosis fungoides, lupus, pityriasis and more.

You may not even have a diagnosed skin condition, but just be driven crazy every night through itchy and/or dry skin. Or have a scar or birthmark you wish you didn’t.

SKIN MATTERS 2017 will feature coping strategies and expert advice for all things skin-related.

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