We are offering a travel sachet of Skinade to 1,000 people, chosen at random after the closing date.

Skinade is a new proposition in skincare and offers an innovative approach — a professional product that works from the inside out. As we age, we lose 1.5% of our natural collagen a year from the age of 20. Slowly but surely, our skin will lose its youthful bounce and start to sag. Each daily dose of Skinade is packed with the highest-quality collagen peptides and essential ‘beauty-ceuticals’, all delivered to the skin in this innovative drink, ensuring an absorption rate of up to 95% (tablets have an absorption rate of 30-40%). With no artificial colouring and naturally flavoured with refreshing peach and mangosteen, drinking Skinade will enhance your daily skincare routine.

In an independent case study (www.cosmopolitan.co.uk), a 24 year old woman, who had not yet experienced visible effects of collagen loss, saw significant changes after taking Skinade for 30-days:

  • 20.39% increase in skin density (collagen structure in the dermis)
  • 3.5% increase in skin thickness (the epidermis)
  • 30.5% increase in skin hydration

You can see in the images that the skin appears thicker and the collagen structure (the lighter areas) looks denser than before the trial.

The brand promise is better skin from within so why not give it a try!

2014 Awards

“Most innovative product” (MyFaceMyBody) and “Most reliable skin care product” (The Good Surgeon guide)

2015 Awards

Nominated for “Best anti-ageing product” and “Best home use product” (MyFaceMyBody).

www.skinade.com / 08451 300 205

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