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Do you suffer in summer with skin hives, prickly heat, eczema or irritating skin rashes? Try Green People sun lotions, which are gentle for ultra-sensitive skin.

Demand more from your sun care

Stay naturally protected when enjoying the great outdoors with our award-winning sun range. Made with over 78% organic ingredients and a unique blend of skin defence antioxidants and vitamins A, C & E, (from Green Tea, Olive, Avocado and Rosemary extract) Green People sun lotions effectively protect against cell damage and premature skin ageing.

Broad-spectrum protection

An expert blend of three sun filters, combined with an extract of the mountain flower Edelweiss, protect your skin from both UVA and UVB rays.

SPF – how high is high enough?

SPF50 only filters out 1% more UVB light than SPF30!
SPF15 filters out 93% of UVB rays
SPF30 filters out 97% of UVB rays

Soothing and hydrating

The moisturising properties of Aloe Vera and the aromatic resin Myrrh help you to keep a golden glow for longer.

Why water-repellent, not waterproof?

Natural Beeswax and Berry wax provide gentle water-repellence without blocking pores. Waterproof sun lotions are best avoided as they contain pore-clogging petrochemicals and silicones, which may be a major trigger for prickly heat.

A 30p donation from every full-size Scent Free Sun Lotion sold goes to support The Marine Conservation Society

Free from parabens and other “nasties”
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