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YES VM vaginal moisturising gel is part of the YES range of Certified Organic intimate products. Developed and manufactured in the UK, YES products were launched in 2006 and are now recommended by Healthcare Professionals worldwide.

The unique formula is based on pioneering plant polymer technology unlike many personal care products which are formulated with chemicals and preserved with parabens. YES VM is free of glycerine, glycols and parabens, providing natural relief from vaginal dryness and atrophy.

Vaginal dryness can occur at any time in a woman’s life including during pregnancy and breastfeeding, during or after the menopause and at times of stress. Certain medications, cancer treatment, diabetes and the contraceptive pill can also lead to dryness. This causes irritation, itching, burning and painful intercourse, so it is essential to re-moisturise the sensitive tissue with a safe, pure and proven vaginal moisturiser.

Equally important when choosing intimate merchandise is the product’s pH. Normal vaginal pH is 3.8pH and 4.5pH which is acidic, helping to prevent bacterial infections such as Bacterial Vaginosis, Cystitis and the fungal infection Candida (Thrush). Antibiotics can alter vaginal pH, and oestrogen depletion during and after menopause also has a detrimental effect on the vaginal pH. YES VM is pH balanced to restore and maintain a healthy vaginal environment and is gynaecologist recommended.

A recent review: “I love YES VM, it has changed my life for the better. After my hysterectomy intimacy was impossible and no treatment from my GP helped, but the VM has made a wonderful difference......Thank You!"  DV, Durham

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