Are you, or is someone you care for, living with hair loss? Hair loss/hair thinning can be a frightening and also a psychologically damaging issue that many people experience at any age. At talkhealth we would like to support people further with hair loss, so we are working with the campaign GAoHL – (Get Ahead of Hair Loss) to understand a bit more about peoples experiences with hair loss and awareness around hair loss. Enter our survey today for a chance to win a bestselling hair treatment worth £34.

There are many causes for hair loss, including stress, nutritional deficiency, medications, hormone changes, auto-immune conditions and genetics to name a few. Some cases depending on the cause can be temporary and hair will grow back in time, whereas others may experience permanent loss. Whether it has affected you or someone you care for, share your experiences from GP appointments to the products you have used to help.

10 lucky people will be drawn to receive a hair product from a well-known name that is sponsoring the GAoHL event, worth £34. Plus and most importantly we have 10 free tickets to the GAoHL conference in London on Sunday 30th September.

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