Are you living with, or caring for someone with rosacea and have a hint, tip or story which you wish someone had shared with you earlier that you think others would find helpful? We want to share your stories, hints & tips in our FREE MyRosacea Patient Support Programme. We are giving away 10 packs of cooling gel plasters to those that share a hint tip and/or story.

MyRosacea runs for 24 weeks and is designed to provide bite-size information and support via a weekly email and downloadable one page PDF, to help you better manage your rosacea.

It is estimated that around 6 million people in the UK are currently living with rosacea. It is a common but poorly understood condition where those affected experience red rash-like facial symptoms. If you have a story or tip or trick you’ve picked up along the way, please tell us so we can share it with others who join the programme.

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