Do you currently, or have you ever, suffered from eczema? Do you care for someone who does? Anyone who’s experienced eczema in their life, whether their own symptoms or those of a loved one, knows the impact it can have on their health and their happiness.

talkhealth are working in collaboration with Harvey Water Softeners to better understand how eczema has impacted you, and to reveal the highs and lows of this condition to the wider population. Eczema affects an estimated 1 in 4 of us, so improving the understanding of its effects is an important step toward raising awareness and one day, finding a cure.

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Why is eczema research important?

Research into eczema has primarily centred around causation, with many contributing factors cited as instigators of the condition. Indeed, a recent scientific study proved that something as simple as the hardness of your water can cause and make worse the symptoms of eczema.

In this survey, we’ll be exploring the effects of eczema more widely, beyond dryness of skin and into how it impacts your daily life.

Harvey Water Softeners, who are running this survey, say; “Eczema is a condition that affects so many of us in the UK, with dry skin more broadly being a major concern especially in the winter months. With new research proving the link between water condition and eczema, we are investing a lot in further research to uncover why this might be and how best it can be helped. Our ultimate aim is to support increased awareness around the impacts of eczema, and to provide funding and other support to those who seek to cure and treat it.”

As a secondary part to this survey, we’ll also be asking you about your home habits, specifically relating to cleaning in your home. This doesn’t tie in directly to our questions about eczema, and is a separate concern.

Harvey Water Softener is a British manufacturer of water softeners, the effects of which have been proven to mitigate the symptoms of eczema and dry skin. Find out more at Harvey Water Softeners.

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