In March 2014 for Ovarian Cancer Awareness month we ran an online clinic on gynaecology with NHS Choices, Multi-gyn, Promensil Menopause, Sylk Intimate Moisturiser, Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust and Eve’s Appeal.

talkhealth survey- cervical awarenessTo find out more about our talkhealth members views, we also ran a survey on cervical awareness. The most common age of the people completing this survey was 41-50 years, 97% of which were female.

A vaccine used to help prevent against cervical cancer is the human papilloma virus vaccine, commonly known as hpv. The majority of people completing this survey had not had the hpv vaccine, 22% of which had been asked to attend a test but were putting it off. Those that had not booked in for the test expressed anxiety around test and were worried that it would be painful.

There was an equal response in the people that knew it is recommended that you have a smear test even after having hpv vaccine. Hpv can affect men as well as women, almost half the people completing this survey knew this.

It was generally felt (82%) that the vaccine should be offered free to boys as well as girls in uk. In some parts of Canada, the USA and Australia they offer the vaccine to boys also. Most people with children would be happy for their child to have the hpv vaccine.

To discuss more about womenshealth, you may wish to chat amongst other talkhealth members within our womenshealth forum.

If you're interested in a detailed analysis of the results for these surveys please contact us.