To coincide with our Online Clinic on Gynaecology in March, talkhealth ran a survey to find out more about women’s attitudes and experiences regarding gynaecology and women’s health problems. The online clinic is supported by various women’s health charities and NHS Choices. 450+ women took part in the survey, of which 84% have had gynaecological or women’s health problems.

Of those 378 women, all have experienced gynaecological or women’s health problems in some form. These issues include common problems like Period Pains (65%) and Cystitis (52%) but a large number of women are also experiencing problems that are not as common, such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (10%) and Endometriosis (21%).

The number of women experiencing these issues is evident from the survey, but how do women feel about the treatment that is available? We asked who the women approached when they first started experiencing gynaecological concerns and the majority went straight to a doctor or specialist (81%) whilst others would prefer to research online (15%) or talk with friends (4%) first.

The majority of women felt that medical professionals were sympathetic to their concerns and constructive with advice. However, some felt that they were not treated well by medical professionals, with some women feeling that their concerns are not taken seriously and are left feeling that their symptoms are too complex for their GP to diagnose on first meetings. It is necessary then, that women ensure they are informed about possible health risks and know where to go if they have concerns.

Free women’s health checks are available on the NHS including smear tests – 81% of women attend regular smear tests once requested however 19% do not attend. 34% of those that attended had an abnormal smear and 106 women have had to have treatment as a result of an abnormal smear including lazer treatment (25%) and colonoscopys (37%). The statistics show that these tests are valuable in the treatment of women’s health problems.

55% of women are using treatments via a doctor with 28% of women using over the counter medicine. We asked people which over the counter medicines they found most useful and effective which led to high praise for products like Cannestan cream and Cymalon for cystitus treatment. With some simply using ibuprofen and paracetmol.

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