• Always Discreet

    The Always Discreet range of liners and pads offer incredible protection and at the same time are surprisingly thin. Always Discreet pants feature a thin triple layer core and cotton-like softness, providing up to 100% protection and comfort.

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    Why is period protection not suitable for bladder leaks?

    Some women who are experiencing bladder leaks are unaware that they're using the wrong product to manage their incontinence. 

    So, what's the difference?

    Simply put, incontinence comes with different types of fluids and odours than menstruation. ALWAYS DISCREET, for bladder sensitivity, can deal with them in a way that a period pad just can’t!

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    Overall Rating: 4.7/5


I can't praise this product highly enough, the pads are soft, are gently elasticated on each edge, making for a secure fit, I have very sensitive skin, and experienced no irritation whatsoever.  They are long enough to sit comfortably and securely. I sometimes wear quite tight jeans, the pad was discreet and absorption was very excellent.  I will definitely become a regular user..

Sarah W (Dec 17)


Comfortable to wear gives you the confidence to get on with life without having to constantly worry if that stretch or scooping up a grandchild is going to cause a problem.

Lesley D (Dec 17)


Comfortable did not know that I had them on and when I did have a leak it absorbed everything great product.

Joanne (Dec 17)


I have developed a mobility problem due to waiting on a leg operation caused by my Diabetes. This means that getting to the bathroom quickly is impossible as walking and sitting up out of bed is very difficult. Always discreet have given me the confidence to sleep without worrying, and walk to the bathroom in front of people, and i am going away for a week soon knowing I will remain dry and confident. They have been a true positive for me and I will continue to buy them and recommending them to others. The only thing I would say, is if you could introduce wings on the nightime towels, as they tend to bunch a bit.

Karla (Dec 17)


I thought that the products were extremely well made and it made me feel a lot more comfortable in using them. The products were absorbent and they fitted their purpose really well. I suffer from bladder weakness and the difference in products made me feel a lot more comfortable when going out and about and this made me feel much better in general - before this I have often missed events and days because of the issues. Overall, I'd say that this the Always Discreet products make things much better and I have not yet encountered a problem with any of the products that I tried. I'd go out of my way to recommend these to anyone who is having the same type of issues.

Jade S (Dec 17)


I am very impressed with the Always Discreet product that I have been using. I found that it absorbed quickly and there was no odour.T he pads are comfortable to wear in fact you don't really notice them. I have used my free sample and continued to purchase them.

Elizabeth (Dec 17)


These products were great, a lot better than expected, super absorbent, comfortable. Great size and stayed stuck with no leakages.

Denise (Dec 17)


When I  applied for a sample of these I was quite surprised when I received them and not just a couple of pads either but two packs. I  was actually quite surprised and impressed. I have tried other liners and have felt uncomfortable and very conscious and aware that I was wearing them but not with these.

The length is just right, very comfortable and do the job they are designed to do very well. Having tried these I can say that my thoughts and opinions on liners have changed and would definitely recommend them and I will be buying these from now on.

Clare C (Dec 17)


I have been suffering from stress uncontinence for 2 years since going through the menopause and have tried several different products and also doing pelvic floor exercises but most products did not help much so I thought I would try Always Discreet as the company had a good reputation. I enjoyed the safe feeling they gave and this made me more confident when using them, my only gripe is that they are too long but other than this, I was happy using them, they stayed in place and I knew I would not be embarrassed by any little accidents. I expect to be buying some soon and I thank you for telling me about a much-needed product. They are extremely good at their job and securely made. Thank you again.

Carolle (Dec 17)


I think they are brilliant I really like them as they were comfortable to wear and also very discreet. They lived up to my expectations and I will definately use them again and reccomend them to my family and friends.

Christine (Dec 17)


I like Always Discreet, They are very light and discreet they stay in place and keep you dry, no odours don't know you're wearing them, brilliant.

Sheila R (Dec 17)


I felt very dry and I wasn't worried when I was wearing them also I wasn't worried about smell it's been fantastic me reviewing them many thanks.

Lisa (Dec 17)


I was very grateful to be able to test Always Discreet. The packaging was in fact discreet. I have found I'm more confident going out when I'm wearing your product. I'm usually very anxious going out and I didn't feel like I had to know exactly where the bathroom was straight away. I was able to wear a lovely skirt because I'm not worried about leaking through anymore.

Chana (Dec 17)


This product is fantastic and does what it states on the package, very discreet and comfortable also had a fresh scent to them. I felt clean and fresh I would certainly recommend this product to female family and friends.

Clare (Dec 17)


I found the product to be both discreet and reliable. I have tried other cheaper brands, Always however are more adhesive and 'stay put' which is very important when you lead a busy life! I would have found trying a range of different size products most useful. I did not realise there were so many different absorbencies etc..Having the options makes the product much more appealing! I will use the coupons to try the range and then decide on the best for me. Always discreet would certainly be my choice for daytime use, as its so important not to have the product noticeable, it needs to be easy to carry and reliable. I will certainly continue to use!

Anne (Dec 17)