• Always Discreet

    The Always Discreet range of liners and pads offer incredible protection and at the same time are surprisingly thin. Always Discreet pants feature a thin triple layer core and cotton-like softness, providing up to 100% protection and comfort.

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    Why is period protection not suitable for bladder leaks?

    Some women who are experiencing bladder leaks are unaware that they're using the wrong product to manage their incontinence. 

    So, what's the difference?

    Simply put, incontinence comes with different types of fluids and odours than menstruation. ALWAYS DISCREET, for bladder sensitivity, can deal with them in a way that a period pad just can’t!

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    Overall Rating: 4.7/5


I have used the product and I am really happy with it. Always discreet is definitely much better than any other brand that I jave been using before. It is perfect for women with longer and stronger flow. I think with always discreet you have security and maximum protection and you don't need to worry because the materials are really good and it is impossible to have a leak. Even with a steong flow as I said before. Great. I recommend to all my friends.

Genka (Mar 18)


I found Always Discreet comfortable to wear and very effective.

Christine (Mar 18)


I was impressed with the absorb-ability of these always discreet. They made me feel comfortable that I wouldn't suffer a unfortunate accident.

The fit was also really comfortable. A lot of towels are not comfortable to wear and move about when being worn. These stayed in the correct position. Even at night, I would recommend this product.

Heidi (Mar 18)


I've been really impressed with Always Discreet after having a baby I feel so much happier knowing I can rely on a product I have tried and feel totally comfortable with.

I love that they have the same appearance as any other pad, yet I know I can be sure not to have any little issues. They are so absorbent you don t know they are there. They are really soft so feel really comfortable against your skin, so I would feel happy using them as an alternative to an everyday panty liner for extra protection.

It would be great to have them available in scented options.

Olivia (Mar 18)


Always have been my go to trusted brand for years, and whilst this is my first time trying these they are of they sake high quality as their other products. I felt very secure wearing these, and wasn’t as self conscious as I usually am as I get paranoid it’s noticeable when I’m wearing a product. Reliable and stays put, and excellent product which also fits neatly into my handbag

Shazia (Mar 18)


Really good products, comfortable feel against skin but really absorbent - no rustling sounds like with some products!

Pants were really generously sized - I normally wear a 20 and the large were comfortable.

Laura B (Mar 18)


They could do with being a little longer for the larger lady it bunched up after while so I had to change quite a dry one. Nice feel.

The pant ones did not fit me there should be bigger sizes but I wish I could have tryed them it would be great to wear nicer pads on my very bad day instead of wearing really bulky pads. I would like to say thankyou for letting me try them but untill I can find a nice pad IL have to stick to my bulky pad.

Debbie (Mar 18)


I got these for a relative and in her words she said they were a life changer for her. She said she felt more comfortable going out and less self conscious. They worked very well and kept her dry. They didn't look unsightly and felt like they were just an ordinary looking pant. She has since bought some herself and say's she highly recommends them.

Helen (Mar 18)


I thought the product meet all of my needs.

Stephanie (Mar 18)


Always Discreet are as they say, discreet, they are very comfortable to wear and you get no chaffing. They hold liquid very well, and do not leek.

Darren (Mar 18)


Always Discreet is a really safe product, it makes me feel secure.

Ulfet (Mar 18)


These products are fantastic and much better than others that I have tried.  I received the pants and the pads to review.  The pants are excellent, very discreet and comfortable and when the clothes are on you do not even notice that you are wearing them.  I have mild bladder weakness and sometimes leak especially when I cough.  These made me feel comfortable throughout the day and caught any small leaks that I may have had.  I have also taken up running which is something that I couldn't do before.  I have worn these when running and don't even notice if I have a small bladder leakage.  I would highly recommend this product.

The pads are good because they are long so there is no danger of any leakage.  They are perfect for every day and comfortable to wear.  Highly recommended.

Tracy (Mar 18)


Always Discreet are just that, Discreet! You barely notice the pad being there but at the same time offers you full protection from leakage.

Sophia (Mar 18)


Very good.

Adriana (Mar 18)


Wearing Always Discreet boosted my confidence completely knowing that my problem was felt much better by these.

Denise G (Mar 18)