• Always Discreet

    The Always Discreet range of liners and pads offer incredible protection and at the same time are surprisingly thin. Always Discreet pants feature a thin triple layer core and cotton-like softness, providing up to 100% protection and comfort.

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    Why is period protection not suitable for bladder leaks?

    Some women who are experiencing bladder leaks are unaware that they're using the wrong product to manage their incontinence. 

    So, what's the difference?

    Simply put, incontinence comes with different types of fluids and odours than menstruation. ALWAYS DISCREET, for bladder sensitivity, can deal with them in a way that a period pad just can’t!

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    Overall Rating: 4.7/5


I have used these for 2 weeks now and the have been a lifesaver! They are extremely discreet, comfortable and prevent any embarrassing leaks. 

They fit well and do not show under clothes. I can highly recommend.

Charlotte (May 18)


It was a pleasure using always discreet and I’m really enthusiastic about this product as I have self convince issues with minor accidents. 

They are extremely comfortable and non irritable. They made me feel less self conscious when wearing them and couldn’t even tell I was using them.

Stacey (May 18)


I have been using always discret underpants for a while and have both good and bad views. They certainly do keep the urine locked in and I had no leakages whatsoever also for faeces too. They were also very good for night time too.

I have two downsides. One is I found them to make me sweat around my groin area and the other is the waste factor. I'm trying to reduce my waste and these do contribute quite alot so a biodegradable option would be preferred.

Overall I would recommend these discreet lady pants.

Debora (May 18)


I had thought that I would be receiving pads/liners which I find excellent, however since I received underwear (pants) I passed these to a relative who has been experiencing greater problems with bladder control and she has found them very satisfactory.

Paula (May 18)


I was a bit sceptical about the comfort of these as they seemed a bit bulky, but I was pleasantly surprised by how comfy they were once I tried them. I have bladder issues due to back problems and don't feel the sensation of needing to go until the last minute, and being disabled means it takes me longer to get to the loo, resulting in urinary incontinence. With Always Discreet it gave me the confidence to be able to go out, even just doctors etc. and that I wouldn't soil myself in a way that other people would notice and I would get embarrassed, and the product WAS discreet- nobody knew I was wearing them, they did the job that I needed, were very comfortable and you could not smell the urine when I had an accident. Not bad to look at either! Full Marks to Always for bringing these out!

Angela (May 18)


Very useful product, does exactly as advertised. Can be bought with your other supermarket shop.

Mair (May 18)


Always discreet products feels like I'm not wearing it, I can movely freely without worrying it might leaks specially during heavy one. It will be way better if it has a wings on it but totally I will used it everytime I have a period. Even before I used it but never thought that it also comes with for a sensitive bladder. Love this products.

Liezel (May 18)


Ladies for those embarrassing moments you need these in your life. They are so easy to use & comfortable, not as bulky as I suspected they would be. I will be recommending these to all my friends & family

Helen (May 18)


They were very good no leakage so comfortable. I will always [excuse the pun] use always discreet thank you for the sample.

Pauline (May 18)


I do like them, I have a bladder problem they give me support, so I don't leak, and fit just right, I always have them at hand, they are small enough to put in the small bag. nice and slim, not big.

Deborah (May 18)


I had not tried this brand before, however as its a well known brand for sanitary items I thought it would be good for these as well. And I was kind of right. They are absorbant enough and comfortable to wear, fold down quite small so its easy to fit a spare pair in a handbag discretely. However I felt very self concious wearing them! They felt like they were bulky and I was worried people could tell I had them on. I think this might just be me though as other people i know have not had the same problem. 

I would recommend them as they are very absorbant and do exactly what they are meant to do. Just make sure you wear a long top if they feel bulky ??

Sarah (May 18)


Very pretty, comfortable to wear and give added reassurance.  Would be nice if they came in different colours.

Alison (May 18)


I can remember the days of the large bulky ST's which were very hard to hide especially wearing trousers & difficult to dispose of unless a sanitary bin was provided..uggh!  Your product means it is so easy to wear especially under trousers, shorts, pyjamas and any clingy clothing and I do not have a problem in discreetly disposing of it.

Elaine (May 18)


First of all I want to thank you to talkhealth and of course Always Discreet team. I really like Always Discreet. I never have to worry if I will have any blood stain which I have experienced in other brands. It is so comfortable to wear and you still have that fresh feeling within the day. You will not have this warm and soggy feeling. Everywhere I go I make sure that I have it in my bag. Actually, I even took it with me when I travelled to Asia. I would gladly recommend it to my family and friends. Again, thank you!

Desiree (May 18)


Very impressed with Always Discreet kept my dry even on my worst days with no leaks! Amazing product and will definitely be using all the time now. Definitely worth the money.

Amanda (May 18)