• Atopic Piel Extreme Body Cream

    The Extreme Body Cream from Repavar offers you or your child quick relief during period outbreaks of eczema or Atopic Dermatitis.

    The Atopic Piel range

    This product is part of the Atopic Piel range of Repavar which is a complete range for atopic, extremely dry or eczema skin care, which, thanks to the combination of latest generation active ingredients with a high level of scientific evidence, has shown anti-inflammatory, anti-pruritic and regenerating efficacy.

    Proven efficacy Atopic Piel (referred to daily use products)

    65% of Atopic individuals that used the products on a daily basis stopped itching after 21 days and 78% experienced an overall reduction of itch intensity. Also, after 21 days 79% showed significant reduction of severity of Atopic symptoms. These are the results of a clinical study with 40 individuals using 4 different daily use Atopic Piel SKUs: bath gel, body lotion, facial cream, and shampoo.

    Safe for babies and children

    This product is dermatologically tested on adults, children and babies (older than 1 month). The whole product line is very suitable to use on their skin.

    Watch this short video to see what two parents of children with eczema thought about Atopic Piel.

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    Overall Rating: 4.6/5


I have taken my time with this as I have been using this for more than 2 weeks. It is lovely and creamy dries into your skin leaving it feeling very soft it has a delicate smell. You will notice a difference in how smooth your skin feels and no irritation just a nice sense of richness. I think this is a great product.

Chrissie (May 18)


I used the cream and it softened and cooled my skin, I would recommend this product to anyone with or without a skin condition and would like to thank you for the opportunity of testing this product, I will be using it in the future and I hope all the success for your business.

Adam (May 18)


I have topical psoriasis which is by no means over large parts of my body but tends to concentrate in certain "problem" areas. I tend to use general body creams and steroid creams for the problem areas but wanted a general purpose solution.

I liked Atopic Piel for this - The shower cream was great when it was opened, and applied, and lathered really nicely, but the individual sachets were fiddly - especially when your hand might already be wet or soapy: My advice would be to open one before you get in the shower.

The body crème was excellent and worked well.

Overall I would recommend this for users without severe skin conditions for general use.

Altaf (May 18)


Firstly I am a mature adult who only in the last twelve months has started to suffer from the symptoms of eczema which has occurred with no obvious or apparent change in my lifestyle or diet. The symptoms have been evident on my face, neck and under my armpits.  From this I thought that the cause may be linked to things that I use on a daily basis such as Shaving Foam, After Shave, Shower Soap and Deodorant.  I am a very "routine" person and seldom change things like the items mentioned and the brands that I use have not changed in probably five years.  For some reason as yet unknown I started to suffer very back eczema on my face, neck and under my armpits.  The visible symptoms on my face and neck were so obvious to see and I found them quite embarrassing resulting in a reluctance to go out in public places where I would be seen. At first I thought the symptoms would go away just as they just as they came without any obvious reason.  My wife suggested various dermatological creams all of which did not seem to have any obvious or lasting effects.  The symptoms were eventually enough to cause me to seek help from my GP who prescribed me some prescription cream which I started to use with very little success.  After reading the Product Data Sheet for the cream I became extremely worried about the side effects from its prolonged use so stopped.  Along comes the sample pack of "Atopic Piel Extreme Body Cream" which intrigued me as I did not realise at the time of applying was intended for babies and infants.  I decided to do some research on the product and could not see any real reason why it could not be used by an adult so decided to give it a go and I used it in conjunction with the "Extreme Shower Oil".  After using the products for almost four weeks I have been amazed by the improvements to my condition to the point where the symptoms have almost disappeared completely.  Throughout the time I have been using the Extreme Body Cream and Shower Oil I have continued to use my normal brands of Shaving Foam, After Shave, Shower Soap and Deodorant so I am mystified as to what has been the cause of the eczema.  When I have used all of the sample I will certainly look to buying from the Atopic Piel product range as I feel it has worked wonders for me.  I may be 70 years of age but looks like I am just a "baby" at heart....... Thank you Atopic Piel

Donald (May 18)


I had a bad  flareup of eczema on the back of my neck and on the inside of my elbows. I had tried so many different products but nothing really helped to relieve the  itchiness or to get rid of it. However since using this cream it is no longer itchy. The patch on the back of my neck has gone and on my elbows it is the  tiniest patch left. I would recommend this to everyone who other creams don’t help.

Sam (Apr 18)


Atopic Piel Extreme body cream is an intense moisturiser that is easily absorbed and not greasy. I have extremely sensitive skin prone to intense red rashes. I had no negative reaction to the cream. Unlike other creams it’s absorbs so quickly that you can get dressed straight away or you can rub the cream in while dressed. It still won’t rub off onto your clothes. The moisturiser I usually use is prescribed from the doctor it’s called emulsifying ointment. Although it is extremely effective it is greasy and takes a long time to absorb. So using this cream was much easier.

Gemma (Apr 18)


I have been using the Atopic Piel body lotion for about a week now.  Once this is put onto the skin it is quickly absorbed and not at all greasy.  It has a pleasant subtle floral smell, not overly perfumed.  I have been using it on some longstanding patches of eczema on my legs after coming out of the bath.  Although the eczema has not disappeared altogether, the appearance is much less red in colour and has faded significantly.  It is no longer itchy and hopefully with more continued use, the patches will fade some more and perhaps disappear completely.

Christina (Apr 18)


I really liked this product. I was having eczema and it cured it.

Sameera (Apr 18)


Nice thick cream that applied well, wasn't sticky and blended in skin quickly, soothing effect on skin, and noicely smoother, less irritated/dry. Really like this product and would happily buy/use again.

Bex (Apr 18)


I really liked this cream, it doesn’t sting and isn’t greasy. After using regularly my eczema was definitely better and used together with extreme showeroil my skin felt less dry and itchy. I will definitely be looking into purchasing these in future.

Rebecca (Apr 18)


I tried Atopic body cream and lotion. I give the highest rating. My skin is very dry, the cream has been repaired skin. Cream and lotion have a nice texture and a smell that does not irritate and is not unpleasant. Thank you for give my the opportunity to try Atopic products, definitely I'll buy them in the future.

Gintare (Apr 18)


I'm 30 and I have always suffered from eczema and dry skin. I have used many products over the years that have helped momentarily, but my skin would soon go back to being dry. 

However, I found Atopic Piel worked really well on my skin. I used it after a shower and my skin still felt smooth and moisturized hours later. I highly recommend it to anyone who suffers from dry skin.

Aideen (Apr 18)


Having had atopic eczema all my life (53 years) I think I have tried just about every cream on the market. I was very pleasantly surprised by the Atopic Piel Extreme Body Cream which was sent to me to try.  It is important to allow a couple of weeks to really give time for a product to make a difference to my skin, and this one definitely did!  The cream is unfragranced, white and easily absorbed.  I left a couple of minutes after application of the cream for it to absorb properly into my skin and noticed quite a difference in the moisture content of my skin.  My hands felt quite supple for a change and moved more easily.  The tube of cream is easily portable but could be decanted into a smaller pot for people who are on the move constantly.  I would definitely buy this product in the future as it is an excellent product.  Hopefully it will become available on prescription because it is a lovely product to use which makes a huge difference to my very dry skin.

Rachel (Apr 18)


The cream was certainly unknown to me. I had never heard of it even after suffering myself with eczema for over 30 years (and tried everything). 

One of the main problems with eczema cream is that it tends to be quite greasy in nature. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this cream was less so. On the negative side though, it meant that it had to be applied a lot more often than other creams and therefore, the sample finished quite quickly. 

I felt no major improvement on the skin it was being applied to, but this may be down to the short about of time I was using the product. I would be interested in a longer trial.

Risha (Apr 18)


Very rich easily absorbed and effective cream for the treatment of dry itchy skin. I have pkeased with it and even more so when i noticed hiw easily it was absorbed.

I hate having greasy skin after applying cream on my body but is is often the case with moisturisers and body creams. I also noticed how smooth and hydrated my skin became as soon as i started applying it every day after showering.

Valerie (Apr 18)