• Cleanmarine For Women

    Cleanmarine For Women is a unique all-in-one Omega 3, Phytonutrient and Vitamin blend designed specifically for women 15-45 years to give nutritional support especially around the time of your period.

    *Now available on prescription*

    So you feel and look your best all month long.

    Omega 3, Rosemary Oil and Soy Isoflavones are included in Cleanmarine For Women along with a range of vitamins to provide extra nutritional support for menstruating women. This synergistic formula importantly contains vitamin B6 which contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity while it also contributes to normal psychological function.

    We all now lead such busy lives and can benefit from a natural helping hand when it comes to energy levels. Conveniently Cleanmarine For Women contains vitamin B1, B2 and B6 which work to support normal energy yielding metabolism while vitamin B2 and B6 contribute to reducing tiredness and fatigue. 

    Good health shows, and nowhere more obvious than our skin. Who doesn’t want skin that glows? Vitamin B2 works to maintain normal, healthy skin while sunshine vitamin D3 contributes to the maintenance of normal bones, teeth and normal muscle function. 

    For more information, you can visit Cleanmarine’s website or read the article on our site

    Overall Rating: 4.4/5


I was so happy to be trialing these for two months at a dose of two per day.  I was interested in trying these because I have always had traditional fish omegas that don’t have the added phytonutrients and vitamins these do and I wanted to see what difference they made.  I looked up a little more about the product and felt confident that it is backed up by research, well formulated and the sustainable certification is important to me.  In addition to what’s in the product I liked what isn’t in it.

The D3 is good for me for all of its benefits and because I have osteoporosis along with other health conditions including Sjogrens syndrome so I was happy to see that this product can help with joints, bones and teeth. Any support I can give myself in addition to diet is welcome.  

I found them easy to take and I like that they look different to any other of my medications.  They do not repeat on you and that has never happened before with omega products.

I have noticed while taking these that my skin, which reacts due to contact dermatitis, is more calm, clear and less dry.  I have more energy and have noticed in the few days since I ran out a reduction in energy with increased fatigue.  I have found they help with focus and concentration and my general mood has been more balanced.  I haven’t been craving certain foods which is good as cravings often relate to more unhealthy options.

I have really felt and noticed benefits from taking these and will buy these again. I didn’t really believe that a product like this could improve how I feel in so many ways (and look) but I do now.  Thank you.

Jasmine (Jan 19)


I was a bit daunted when I opened the packet for Cleanmarine for Women, as the capsules are rather large and they are black.  But no problems, despite the size they were no problem to take.  No after taste and they did not repeat on me.  The packaging was attractive, but there did not seem to be much in the way of recycling information on the pack.

I suffer from awful hot flushes and found that after using Cleanmarine for Women for a couple of weeks, the symptoms seemed to reduce, I still had the flushes but they were not so bad and I will continue to take Cleanmarine for Women to see if I can improve the symptoms with the progression of time.

I had no stomach problems when taking Cleanmarine for Women, I have had no side effects that I am aware of (I do have other health issues, but nothing seemed obvious) and with the improvement in my hot flushes, I would recommend Cleanmarine to others to try them and see if it improves their symptoms.

Cleanmarine for Women certainly worked better than I expected and I will continue to use them to see if the improvement continue reduce my symptoms as time goes on.

Gill (Jan 19)


I started using the Cleanmarine, two capsules a day as indicated. At first I felt more energy which was great. After a few weeks my hot flushes started to increase slightly. Not lots but noticed the difference. Reduced the supplement to one a day and found things settled down.

Have not noticed any other changes. Energy, skin and hormones all seem to have stayed the same.

These were easy to take and I like the blister packs as they are easy to take with you. It might be good to mention on the packaging that 1 capsule a day may be enough for some people.

Venetia (Jan 19)


I have been using Cleanmarine for Women for nearly 2 months. I take two capsules a day during breakfast and I have noticed some relevant changes since taking it. The most important change is an increase in my energy as I feel less tired. 

I have also noticed that my PMS is more manageable, before I did suffer from it. For me, that is a nice surprise as I was not accepting this result.

I also find my hair and skin look better and I have had compliments on how healthy my skin and hair are. I love Cleanmarine because it is easy to take and above all there is no fishy aftertaste even though it contains fish oils. The other plus is that the capsule is made of fish gelatine. I have recommended it around me.

Dali (Jan 19)


I have been taking these tablets for two months now. I am really happy with them. I normally suffer with hormonal migraines. Taking these tablets seems to have eased these symptoms significantly. The results were very fast as well. They are easy and pleasant to take and swallow. There is no unpleasant after taste at all, despite them containing fish oil. I didn’t find them to repeat on me either. People have also been commenting that I am looking well. I usually suffer with dry skin on my face, but my skin has felt a lot more supple and comfortable since taking these. 

Rachel (Jan 19)


I started the Cleanmarine For Women, then unfortunately after one week of taking them twice daily as recommended, I had to begin a course of antibiotics, so stopped at that time only.  

I take a statin after suffering a mini stroke 7 years ago and was not happy that it was increased from 10 to 40mg. So I am always looking for a healthy alternative, and look at places like Holland + Barrett's on-line site and in-store..

I stopped taking my ordinary cod liver oil capsule whilst I took the Cleanmarine capsules as I did not think that taking both would be right. But was pleased that there was no fish aftertaste with the Cleanmarine. Although not a cheap item (as I looked on-line) I may consider purchasing in the future. 

Fiona (Jan 19)


I have tried the product for two months.  I was really interested in the potential benefits advertised.  I found the tablets easy to swallow, with a neutral taste.  I was impressed with the variety of ingredients, which cover a number of supplement requirements.

During and after the two months i didn't notice any improvements unfortunately.  This is a little disappointing for me, especially as I read others have found benefits.  Maybe I need something stronger (I do suffer from chronic illness), and maybe my body has benefited to some extent without me noticing.

Lara (Jan 19)


I was apprehensive upon receipt of the product since this went against my normal tendency in regard to supplements but was very pleasantly surprised. I experienced no sickness having taken the capsules on an empty stomach, had no aftertaste and found the size, shape and texture easy to swallow. There were no reflux issues whatsoever.

Everyone is different and my “norm” is that it takes time (up to six weeks) for any new supplements, or indeed medication, to actually be absorbed into my system yet very little time to leave it! I found a difference with Cleanmarine from the end of month one. In particular, I became very emotional for a few days and then everything evened out. I felt less anxious with the greatest areas of improvement being the quality of sleep and therefore more energy. Quite surprising also was a substantial improvement to my skin.

I would recommend this product highly to women friends and, despite some comments to the contrary, don’t feel the cost is expensive. Cleanmarine includes many of the supplements that I would purchase individually, albeit often run out, and so there are savings to my budget. As stated, this is a supplement and not a food/ good nutrition replacement. I am very happy with the outcome.

Siobhan (Jan 19)


The tablets are in attractive packaging and are easy to remove from the pack. The dosage is 2 tablets with water before a meal. I first took the tablets before breakfast and even though they did not taste fishy they repeated on me quite badly. But switching the tablets to before lunch eradicated this. 

For the first month of taking I only saw subtle improvements but during the second month as the tablets really kicked in I noticed my mood improve dramatically and my PMS symptoms were greatly improved. My skin was clearer and my my mood did not dip again. The results were good and so I will continue with these for the foreseeable future. 

I like that they contain all the vitamins I require at this stage in my life.

Sharon (Jan 19)


I believe that Cleanmarine Krill Oil capsules worked a treat for me and have really alleviated some of my premenstual symptoms.  I found that my energy levels were higher and I didn’t feel as moody.  Also they were gentle on the stomach and didn’t cause any heartburn or acidity.  Also my skin is glowing and I feel more energized. 

Simi (Jul 18)


The packaging  for Cleanmarine Krill oil is attractive and the information given on the box leaves you in no doubt what they are intended for. I love the idea that it is an ethical product (which can be fully traced to source) and also halal approved, I feel this would be a huge incentive to purchase for some women. The box contains blister packs, there is no mention as to whether these could be recycled, in an age where we should try to reduce plastic waste this is a concern.

The capsules themselves are large but not surprisingly so, easy to pop out and fairly easy to swallow. There is no aftertaste but I found on occasion they did repeat, but the taste was no where near as nasty as traditional fish oils.

After taking this product for 2 months I feel there has been some benefits, my skin is clearer and I have suffered no breakouts, I also feel less tired. They really did live up to their claims.

On the whole I would recommend Cleanmarine Krill Oil to any friends or family members who may benefit.

The reduction in score was mainly due to the uncertainty with recycling.

Wendy (Jul 18)


I have found the Cleanmarine krill oil capsules fantastic since beginning my trial. 

At first I was quite sceptical – I suffer from PMS with mostly terrible mood swings, where I can have a scarily low mood the week before my period. Since taking the capsules, I can say that my PMS symptoms have 80% improved! I have only been taking the capsules for 2 months, so I would be hopeful that the symptoms will improve even further. The changes during the cycle of the first month are very subtle – but they are there. 

My skin feels clearer, my mood is so much better, my period cramps were non-existent this month which was very welcome! My hair and nails have also gotten so much stronger – a side effect I wasn’t expecting. 

As with all supplements, you must read the dosage of vitamins are there are quite high dosages of vitamins within this product. 

The capsules smell fishy and there is no real after taste. However, the capsules did repeat on me a little at the start until my body got used to them. I must stress though that this is a personal reaction as I have a very sensitive stomach, so this probably won’t be the case for everyone. 

Overall, I had less tiredness, and the skin on my face and body wasn’t as dry. I had fewer breakouts before my period, and my oily T-Zone had improved. My PMS symptoms reduced dramatically. My head also felt clearer and I felt “normal” around that time of the month. 

I’m very impressed with this product!

Lisa (Jul 18)


I was quite dubious about trying these new capsules as I had tried a good few different ones before to help with  health benefits. At first I didn’t really notice much difference apart from my mood seemed to be a lot calmer than usual. Coming up to my menstrual cycle I noticed I hadn’t broken out in as many spots as I usual do. My tummy didn’t feel as bloated and mood swings were non existent. This was very strange for me and I didn’t even think a little tablet could have such major effects as this. My periods are pretty normal anyways but always bleed just that little more as I’m on warfarine. I did check with my dr I was ok to take these capsules before hand and it was fine. I read they can help with forgetfulness but to be honest that didn’t really help with me I have a brain condition as it is so this may be why. I had been struggling to sleep since the loss of my daughter and I did notice I was settling at night a lot easier. I was managing to get a full nights sleep again. Its strange as I never expecting anything so small could have such an impact on my life as it did. Me personally would recommend this to everyone as it has really impacted on my life in a good way.

Sarah (Jan 18)


I had high expectations of this product. I suffer from not all, but a few PMS symptoms. However, unfortunately I didn't feel much difference since I started taking this supplement.

I follow quite a healthy lifestyle and I really didn't change anything while using Cleanmarine. Not only I didn't see any improvement in my skin, but also I got some new stubborn spots which are taking forever to go away. My hair does seem healthier though. But I don't know if it was the work of this supplement or a new hair treatment masque that I've started using recently.

In terms of my other symptoms, I still had food cravings and I still was bloating prior to my periods. Also, I didn't see any change in my psychological symptoms. The anxiety and the irritability were still there.

I really wanted to like this product. But sadly it didn't work for me.

Sadaf (Jan 18)


I was sent the Cleanmarine for Women out to product test on behalf of talkhealth. Having taken 2 a day for 2 months I have noticed a big difference in my health. I am healthier, I have more energy, I am sleeping better and because of this I am not so tired all the time and my skin is a lot clearer since taking them. I would highly recommend these as they have helped me in many ways and are worth every penny. I am so happy that I got to test these out as I never would of known or heard about these.

Leanne (Jan 18)