• Cleanmarine® MenoMin

    Cleanmarine® MenoMin is ideal for menopausal women, helping to regulate hormonal activity, maintain normal mucous membranes, as well as reduce tiredness and fatigue.

    *Now available on prescription*

    Each capsule of Cleanmarine MenoMin contains Omega 3, Biotin, Rosemary Oil and Soy Isoflavones along with a range of vitamins to provide nutritional support for this phase of life. Vitamin B6 contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity and along with vitamins B1 and B12 it also contributes to normal psychological function.

    The menopause can be a draining experience energy level wise for some women. Why not consider a natural approach to maintain energy levels? Cleanmarine MenoMin contains biotin plus Vitamin B1, B2 and B6 that contribute to normal energy yielding metabolism while Vitamin B2, B6, B12 and folate contribute to a reduction in tiredness and fatigue.

    Cleanmarine MenoMin contains both Vitamin B2 and biotin that contribute to the maintenance of normal mucous membranes which line the vagina and other parts of the body including the mouth. 

    Bone health is very important as we get older and especially as we approach the menopause. Cleanmarine MenoMin contains Vitamin D3 which contributes to the maintenance of normal bones as well as the absorption and utilisation of calcium from the diet.

    Think of Cleanmarine MenoMin as your all in one peri and menopausal daily supplement.

    For more information, you can visit Cleanmarine’s website or read the article on our site

    Overall Rating: 4.3/5


The main and unexpected benefit I found with Menomin was that I felt generally more relaxed and laid back while taking the product, and there were fewer occasions when I felt anxious compared to normal.

I also felt that I suffered less dryness of my mucous membranes though I did wonder if I was experiencing a mild side effect on a few days when I noticed a few spots of blood on blowing my nose. 

I didn’t notice any reduction in hot flushes and night sweats but then I have not found these particularly severe or troublesome to date. Neither did I experience any great change in energy levels, which may be because I was already taking a Vitamin D supplement and hopefully get sufficient B vitamins from my diet.

The capsules were relatively easy to swallow and though they repeated on me a little there was no unpleasant taste, and I thought there was some improvement when I took them with food.

I would give them an overall rating of 4 out of 5 as they are a convenient way of taking a range of supplements, including sustainably-sourced krill oil, though not necessarily the cheapest.

Jemma (Sept 19)


After taking Cleanmarine Menomin for 2 months I have noticed a difference in my energy levels, I feel less fatigued during the days. I also feel I am less forgetful.  Unfortunately these tablets did not help reduce my flushes. 

Lynn (Aug 19)


I received my capsules through the post, 60 capsules (600mg) and was very excited to start using them. The box is a very nice colour and wording is clear, simple and easy to understand. I was impressed the capsules contained B Vitamins, being a vegetarian my diet can often lack these, Folate, Biotin and Soy Isoflavins. 

The capsules are small in size, tiny compared to some supplements I have tried in the past. The only concern I had was experiencing a horrible after taste and feelings of bile after taking the capsule. I was really surprised and pleased that there was neither. The capsules are easy to swallow and I felt fine afterwards. As directed I took 2 capsules daily. 

I have been feeling great, not as tired as I usually feel. The benefits  of Cleanmarine Menomin include reduced fatigue so I believe they are working for me, other benefits include regulated hormonal activity and maintained mucous membranes. 

I am very pleased with this product and will definitely be using it once my menopause starts, at 47 I am pre menopausal just now.  I have recommended this product to my mum and friends who are already going through menopause.

Caroline (Aug 19)


I have been taking Cleanmarine Menomin for 2 months now and I feel that they have made a vast difference to my menopause symptoms. I have tried many other menopause suggested vitamins, but nothing has really helped, so very pleased with MenoMin. My hair has grown longer quicker and looks in better condition. My skin looks smoother and softer. My hot flushes are not that often, whereas before I was getting so many a day, which were unbearable.

My joint pains, especially my lower back have subsided, I am able to do more chores during the day now, as I am less tired and I do not have the need to have a nap during the day.

Also my mood swings have become less and I am not that anxious anymore, as I would get into a worrying state about minor issues. These tablets are great because I feel confident that I am taking a product which is natural and has numerous vitamins which enable me to get on with my life instead of worrying about my menopause symptoms.

Kyriacou (Aug 19)


Regarding Cleanmarine Menomin capsules I found them very easy to take and they left no aftertaste which was nice.  I think I can honestly say by now that I feel generally a little better in myself in a way of not being so tired and lethargic and also more alert.  I feel a little more balanced overall and as nothing has changed in my life I can only put it down to the capsules.  It's so nice to be able to take something that is natural and not a chemical prescription. I would look out for these to buy in the chemist and would recommend them to others quite happily.  

Cheryl (Aug 19)


I’ve been taking Cleanmarine MenoMin for almost two months. They are easy to swallow, and unlike other users I have not noticed any taste. 

Before starting taking these tablets I was suffering from severe hot flushes, difficulty getting to sleep, disrupted sleep and mood swings. After a couple of weeks I noticed that the hot flushes were less frequent and less severe overnight, so my sleep was not as disrupted as it had been, although I still had difficulty getting to sleep in the first place. After a month of taking the tablets I no longer have overnight hot flushes, and day time ones have reduced in frequency and severity, although they have not disappeared completely. I still find it difficult to get to sleep, but generally only wake up once a night these days, which has been a vast improvement. I also don't feel quite as moody, although I still get very emotional about trivial things.

I do seem to have suffered a bit of weight gain - about 4-6 kilos since starting the tablets, with no diet changes that could have caused the gain, which is a bit distressing, but I will continue to monitor this.

Overall I think that these tablets have made a difference to my menopausal symptoms, which has been greatly beneficial, but I am not sure whether this fully compensated for the weight gain. 

Gill (Aug 19)


I have been very impressed with this product, the greatest impact was the sense of balance in my life. I tragically lost one of my oldest friends during the trial and coped far better using MenoMin, it really reduced that feeling of being on the edge and rawness.

Other benefits were the reduction in hot flushes and improved sleep quality.

I chose to take the tablets first thing in the morning and after my evening meal. I can highly recommend this product and will continue usage after the trial ends.

Julie (Aug 19)


I have been taking this for two months now and I am starting to see a reduction in my symptoms. 

I didn’t notice any change whilst taking the first packet but now I am coming to the end of the second box, I notice that I don’t seen as tired or as achy. I no longer come home from work and flop in a chair, I have more energy to get up and do the things I enjoy, which in turn has made me feel happier. It is no longer just work and bed. Nothing else has changed so I’m sure the reduction in symptoms are due to this. My sleep isn’t as restless as the number of hot flushes has also decreased. I do like how these contain all the things that my body needs at this time in my life, the choice of products in store is overwhelming but I’m happy that these are a good mix of ingredients to help improve my symptoms.

I’m very pleased with the improvements I have experienced so far and will certainly continue taking them for the forceable future and hope for further benefits from this.

Pauline (Aug 19)


I have been struggling with the usual menopausal symptoms and have found that around the time of my period the symptoms worsen, not that I know when to expect a period anymore!  To be honest my last period was about a month long and left me exhausted. After reading the benefits of Cleanmarine I was really excited to see that Cleanmarine can help regulate hormonal activity and increase energy levels, I found both these statements to be true, as I have certainly felt a lot better. I have to say that as an added benefit my hair seems to be less brittle since taking Cleanmarine (my daughter actually commented on my hair and said it was looking thicker and healthier). The tablets do look a bit scary as they are relatively large but have a slippery coating on them that makes them easy to swallow.  

Teresa (Aug 19)


The information leaflet that came with the product was full of interesting facts about menopause many of which I was not aware of so found that really interesting which then made me even more interested in the performance of the tablets.  The worst part of the menopause for me has to be the hot sweats sometimes it feels like my internal organs are on fire I'm that hot.  Before taking these tablets I have had to invreasey HRT to maximum dose which puts me at high risk of breast cancer.  After a few days of taking these tablets my hot sweats were dramatically reduced.  I did not feel the benefit of increased energy that they claim to give but I also suffer with chronic fatigue and a vitamin D deficiency so that was probably due to that.  

Fran (Jan 19)


I was interested in taking Menomin mainly because I felt so tired every day and had tried taking various vitamins to help with this to no avail. After taking Menomin for nearly 3 weeks I finally noticed my tiredness had gone. I have also stopped waking up at 4am which is great! I am also not experiencing the aching bones and joints I used to experience every so often. My night sweats have also reduced. I still have hot flushes but they may possibly have reduced a bit. My hair grew really fast between over the last 8 weeks between trims which may have been down to Menomin, my nails have improved slightly.

Ali (Jan 19)


Since entering the menopause, I’ve been looking for alternatives to HRT, as I’m concerned at the possible side effects, especially the potential increase risk of breast cancer. After trying a number of natural remedies, such as Red Clover tablets, I’ve decided to give krill oil a go. 

I’ve been taking MenoMin for two months now, and I’ve noticed a slight decrease in the number of hot flushes, although they haven’t disappeared entirely! 

I still experience occasional sleep problems, but as I wake up less often, I have more restful nights.  At first I had to wait a little (about a week) but then it started working. My only bug bear is the fishy after taste of the capsules, I do find it a bit off putting, especially when taken in the morning!

I give this product 3 out of 5 stars, only because of the strong fish taste.

Silvia (Jan 19)


I have been testing the Cleanmarine MenoMin product for almost 2 months. Before I started using the product, I found it very difficult to fall asleep and I was constantly waking up through the night which would make me feel very tired the following morning. Cleanmarine was extremely beneficial to me in this respect because taking the product made me fall asleep more easily and I managed to stay asleep for a number of hours so that I did not feel exhausted when I woke up the following morning. Cleanmarine has also been beneficial to me in the gynaecological area. Although I do not suffer from any dryness, the anal area used to feel itchy when I went to sleep at night but this product has completely stopped the feeling of itchiness in this area. The last benefit to me of this product is that I usually try to walk for 2 hours exercise each day and before taking Cleanmarine I would need to sit down for 10 minutes after 1 hour of walking but Cleanmarine seemed to give me added energy as I have been able to walk consistently for 2 hours without taking a break which has been great. Unfortunately, the downside to this product for me has been added weight gain. My diet has remained the same before and since I started using Cleanmarine but since using the product it has made me gain weight which is a similar weight gain that I had when I was taking the contraceptive pill. I stopped taking Cleanmarine a week ago because of the added weight gain and I can now see that I am back to my normal weight since I stopped using Cleanmarine. I would give the product a rating of 3 out of 5 as it was great for helping me sleep, helping me in the gynaecological area and giving me extra energy but sadly the weight gain I experienced prevents me from giving it 5 out of 5.

Jane (Jan 19)


I had the privelidge of being chosen for the trial of Cleanmarine® MenoMin, and so was really excited when I received my package. Prior to this trial I had been regularly taking Menopol from Simply Supplements – I won't go to the doctor about Menopause as I refuse to put drugs into my body, so I'm always on the hunt for natural remedies.

The tablets I was taking before seemed to somewhat placate my symptoms, but not totally. I have found that Cleanmarine® MenoMin runs parallel to my other supplement, which I stopped taking whilst trialling the Cleanmarine® MenoMin, so as to get a clear view of what was doing what. The Cleanmarine® MenoMin did the same which was, it somewhat reduced my hot flushes, which were never really severe, but enough to cause discomfort, the Cleanmarine® MenoMin reduced them to just about bearable. I did find however, toward the end of my 2 month trial that I was experiencing no flushes during the day, but still eduring them at night, being woken up by them, then not being able to get back to sleep, so no joy there.

On the upside, the capsules have kept me calm, almost to the point of being emotionless, but I have had no mood swings. I find If I'm not on this or any other supplement, that I am prone to mood swings.

I have still suffered headaches as well, so the supplement has not helped in that area.

I have found that mucous production has improved, as before, intercourse was painful, where as now, not so.

So, overall, I found Cleanmarine® MenoMin to be a good product. It didn't completely alleviate my symptoms, but did do a pretty good job, so I give an overall star rating of 5*.

Desiree (Jan 19)


I have been taking Cleanmarine Menomin capsules for the last 2 months. Being post menopausal I was not sure how effective these supplements would be but everything is worth a try. My nails were weak, hair and skin very dry and without lustre. My eyes even felt dry and I kept getting cotton mouth.

I am happy to say my nails look so much healthier and are much stronger than they were before. My hair may look a little less dull but it is still thin at the front. Taking these pills does not seem to have improved the thickness. I still get the hot flashes, nothing has improved there but my eyes and mouth are not so dry. I have been using less eye drops. My skin is still dry but it is clear with no pimples so having a clear complexion has given me confidence. The energy boost I was expecting did not arrive but I do not sleep well at all so not a surprise.

On balance I would say that Cleanmarine Menomin is worth taking if you need a bit of a boost post menopause.

Heidi (Jan 19)