• Epaderm® Cream

    Epaderm® Cream is an effective moisturiser that soothes, smoothes and hydrates dry skin.

    Epaderm® Cream is suitable for all dry skin conditions and formulated with clinically proven ingredients, which moisturise and soften the skin.  Epaderm® Cream helps keep moisture within the skin, soothes it and reduces itching. It also contains less sensitisers and irritants than other leading brands. A 2-in-1 emollient, Epaderm® Cream can be used on the skin or as a skin cleanser. Its lighter consistency makes it more cosmetically appealing than ointments and also, for a lot of people, it feels less greasy on the skin during the daytime. A recent study shows that Epaderm Cream increased skin hydration and decreased roughness more than other brands.(1)

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    To find out more about Epaderm visit www.epaderm.com and Molnlycke's article on talkhealth

    (1) Waring, M., Butcher, M., Bielfeldt, S., Matzold, K., Wilhelm, K-P. An investigation of the effect of six emollients on skin characteristics. Journal of the Dermatology Nurses’ Association. Volume 6 Number 1, January/February 2014

    Overall Rating: 4.7/5


I have a moderate eczematous condition on my middle and ring fingers (both hands) for a couple of years that has been progressively getting worse. Have tried multiple over the counter and prescription creams and emollients with little relief. Finally my GP prescribed me steroids which made my skin thin and fragile, so with each itch I get a small bleed which was worse at night time. However I have to admit that eczema has its remissions and relapse so a few months were better than others. When I was asked to review the product my eczema was much settled with few excoriations and dryness. I found Epaderm a very nice emolient that stays in for long and makes your hands feel smooth and shiny, however I was not happy with it being fragrance free as it gives a very medicinal touch to the whole product. The cream is available in different sizes which is a blessing as I kept the small bottle in my car and the big bottle in my shower. Overall I think it's emolient effect lasts longer than other products in the market and so I highly recommend it at night time. 

Nishi (Jun 17)


We were very happy to review the product we received.  I requested the cream for my five year old son who suffers with very dry skin on his arms, legs and cheeks.  We used the cream in the bath and then once again when dry.  We also applied it every morning before school.  I found the smell appealing and noticed it wasn't greasy but absorbed easily into the skin.  After a few days we definitely noticed a difference in the appearance and softness of my son's skin.

My husband also tried the cream as he too has very dry skin.  Unfortunately the results were not as positive as our son's.  He applied the cream daily and after showering but felt he had to reapply as his arms still felt dry.  

I would recommend the cream as it has helped my son's skin and would purchase this product.  I would rate the product with five stars as my son's skin has dramatically improved.  The softness it has made has been amazing.

Victoria (May 17)


The Epaderm cream I received to review is a great product. I suffer from dry skin snd eczema and it has worked wonders on my skin, leaving it feeling softer and smoother than before. I tried it whilst in the shower and after washing, and found it left a noticeably different feel to my skin. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is suffering from a skin complaint such as eczema to try it. One of the good things about it is that it can be used on all ages, so my 11 year old daughter uses it too.

Cherrelle (May 17)


My daughter and husband have been using Epaderm cream daily for the past two weeks. My daughter and husband both suffer with dry hands which end up being very sore, inflamed and cracked. 

They both enjoyed using Epaderm cream and found it soothing and gentle on their skin. It helped make their skin smoother and more moisturised. They both liked the fact that no fragrances or colours were added to the product which they felt help their dry skin condition.

They both used it in the morning and before bed and tried to use after washing thier hands when they remembered.

We like the different sizes in bottles as part of the trial and found the small one particularly useful for taking out and about and also when we went for a weekend away. 

Angela W (May 17)


I have been using this cream for several weeks now, on my 12 year old childs eczema ridden skin, she has chronic eczema, her skin is extremely dry and itchy. We recived two 50g, one 150g and one 500g bottle to try and this was the first time using this cream. 

The cream comes in a pump dispenser system which makes it perfect for using for my child and you just get the perfect amount of cream with no mess. My daughter loves using this cream because of the little pump bottle, as it leaves no mess therefore she doesn't mind using it regularly, she likes to take the small bottle with her out and about. I usually have to nag her to apply creams etc but this cream she just loves.

The cream is a nice light texture, has a pleasent smell which is very mild, applying the  cream is very easy just glides and sinks into the skin and leaves no tacky or greasy residue, so you can put clothes on straight after. And also it is good as a facial moisturiser and hand cream too.

After using it for a while we have noticed the skin is less itchy, but becouse of her condition we won't be able to ditch her various steroid ointments. The eperderm cream will definitely be the new go to cream. We will continue using this and will purchase more when we run out. 

Nasrin (Apr 17)


I used the cream to relieve my dry skin on my arms and legs. I applied the cream once a day after my shower. It was very easy to apply having a nice creamy consistency and it was absorbed quickly without leaving any residue.  After using the cream for two weeks my skin improved and it is feeling hydrated.  I have also used the cream as a foot moisturiser but this is still a work in progress.  As a hand cream the skin feels really soft and moisturised on the back of my hands.

The pump dispenser supplies a regulated amount of cream and it is easy to dispense the same amount of cream every time.  


Alison (Apr 17)


I  tried the cream version for the first time and I was very impressed with how easy it was applied to my skin. It left the skin feeling moisturised, hydrated and soft to the touch.  

Epaderm Cream is a two in one emollient and skin cleanser, which has no fragrance or lanolin,very natural. The cream is a nice consistency which I found very easy to use on my skin when applied, which helps reduce the dryness, especially around my elbows and also when I applied again after I showered I found it helped to keep the skin very moisturised. I usually reapplied the cream after about 4 to 5 hours during the day which I found to be the ideal time lapse. The 500g pump dispenser is great to keep at the bathroom sink and I got my wife to keep the 50g pump in her bag for me whilst out.  I would definitely recommend this product for eczema sufferers or anyone with a skin issue, it provided me with some relief from extremely dry skin, making my skin more hydrated and itch free.

Steve (Apr 17)


Having used the Epaderm cream for more than two weeks I am very pleased with the results. Not greasy or messy with a pleasant light smell. Feeling light & creamy on application.

I apply twice and sometimes three times a day, after a shower and before I get into bed. It dries within minutes leaving no sticky greasy residue on my clothes or bed linen.

Being allergic to most man made fabrics, metals, plastic and some medication. I only have to carry a plastic bag on my wrist & I develop a rash within seconds. Of course allergies get worse as you age, a well known fact. Therefore I have used different creams over many years with variable affects. My worse areas are the legs & to a lesser extent my arms. Occasionally on my trunk & body.

I very seldom wear long sleeved clothes or any hosiery. Neither do I wear closed in shoes. In the home I walk bare footed. One leg has venous eczema. The other areas of skin appear healthier but have sensitivities. My irritations are less troublesome if left uncovered or if my skin is cold. Central heating & covering my limbs with man made fibres are not worth the risk. Past irritations have left me scratching my skin until it bleeds.

Some under garments I wear inside out to stop the rough seams from touching my skin. This gives you some idea of why I wanted to find a new plan of action with a trial of Epaderm. Other skin creams have been prescribed regularly on a repeat prescription for many years. I have made an appointment to see my G.P. next week to ask if they can stop the other creams and prescribe Epaderm for me ongoing. Not only is it beneficial for me but it is almost half the price of the one I was using prior to this trial of Epaderm.

My skin is softer, less irritating and the cream works instantly. The smaller dispenser I take out with me in my handbag, if only to apply to irritation on my arms on the colder days when I wear sleeved clothes.

Kathy (Apr 17)


I have been using Epaderm cream for the last two weeks. I have dermatitis, which can be very bad at times. Especially when i have a flare up. I have been using this cream in the shower and putting it on my skin after getting out of the shower and drying myself. I have found that it has helped my skin a lot. It's great for any area or where you have a fold of skin. I've been using it where my hysterectomy scar was as that could be sore at times. I have also been using under my bust and on my arms and legs. It's great that it comes in different sizes. I have the large 500g by my shower, keep the 150g size by my bed and I have taken the 50g size out with me in my handbag. I would give this product a five star rating and say to anyone who has not tried this to give it a go and see what results you get.

Mary (Apr 17)


I have been trying out Epaderm cream over the past two weeks and must say that I'm quite impressed with its performance on dry skin. Since I started the menopause several years ago I have been blighted with dry skin, especially on my legs and have not found a product that has helped as much as Epaderm has. I like the pump action because it's so simple to use and the packaging looks good on the bathroom shelf as well which is another plus. I have used the cream twice a day and my legs are very hydrated and very soft. My husband suffers from eczema which itches pretty badly and gives him scaly dry skin which has also benefitted greatly by using Epaderm cream. I would be quite willing to recommend the product to everyone who needs a gentle nourishing hydrating non-perfumed solution to skin problems like psoriasis and eczema, and it is gentle enough for babies too.

Angela (Apr 17)


The first thing you notice about Epaderm Cream is its easy to read plain english packaging. Everything you need to know is right there, including what it is for and who can use it. Not just the brand name and pretty colours, the colours are not too distracting, however they are identifiable enough to locate on a shelf among other products and easy to find.

The sizes are ideal too, the 500g is in my bathroom to use as a cleanser for bath time for my little girl and showering for myself and the 150g are kept in the living room and by my bed for use as and when needed as an emollient and the smaller 50g size is kept for 'on the go' in the babies change bag, in the car, or in my hand bag etc.

The product is easy to open and the little purple plug in the opening is easy to find and remove.

The product itself is truly wonderful. I had eczema on my thumbs and it had caused deep painful cracks in the creases of the knuckle, within 5 days it was healed and sealed with the help of Epaderm.

Even my sister who is 11 years younger than I am felt my hand (I didnt tell her I was trying a new product, we both just reached for the same thing and she touched the back of my hand) she remarked how soft my hands were, that's when I told her what I was using and she now wants to buy some and she doesn't even have eczema, she said my hands looked 10 years younger.

I have also used this on my daughter who is 18 months old and has some eczema on her arms and it is so gentle on her skin and left it soft, moisturised and flawless, In short...Marvellous, I would get this product again and thoroughly recommend it!

Andrea (Apr 17)


I have been using this product since I received it in the place of my usual moisturiser. I have used it in the shower instead of my usual shower gel and found it to be very effective and nourishing for my skin, it certainly felt softer after use. Once I had dried myself I again applied the product similar to a body lotion, and my skin felt supple afterwards. I have a scar on the top part of my leg and by applying this cream I have found that some of the redness has gone out of it and it doesn't itch like it can when I have used other lotions on it.

I have also been using this product on my face as I have found that due to my age and the menopause my skin easily dehydrates and looks dull and lifeless, I feel that the condition of my skin has improved and I would certainly recommend it, and will continue to use this product on my face. I think it would certainly be a good product for anyone who works outdoors, and has weathered skin as I feel this would certainly retain the moisture in their skin. I therefore have no hesitation in recommending this product to anyone.

Hilary (May 16)


Both my 12 year old son and I suffer with really red itchy dry skin. My son suffers around his neck and at the back of his knees, and I suffer with it on my torso and face. We both started using the Epaderm cream at the same time. My son used the big pots of Epaderm and I used the smaller ones, so I could slip it in my handbag.

My son was really self concious of his neck and behind his knees as he playes rugby every week and he was really embarrassed when he was with 'The Lads'. He got so self concious that he was considering giving up his rugby, but now he really has got back into the game and is not self concious anymore.

My son did not like the fact that the cream took ages to absorb into his skin, but I was very happy with the texture of the cream. Just like a typical 12 year old boy he was not happy to have to keep applying the cream.

Within 2 days my itchy skin stopped and the redness and itchiness subsided within 4 days. My sons took a bit longer as he did not apply it enough times. His took 4 to 6 days to clear up, plus he does suffer with it worse than what I do.

We are both very happy with the results, and have finally found something that does not contain a steroid. Will be using this all the time now, just hope our skins do not get used to this cream and stop working.

I will always have this in the cupboard in case either if us get a flare up again.

I would highly recommend this if anybody with dry red itchy skin. I have told all my friends and family about this product.

Susan (May 16)


I have been an eczema sufferer all my life and am now 51.  I currently, along with steroid ointments for flare ups, use 500g a week of moisturiser (Diprobase).  I have used Epaderm Ointment which I find very good as a night time treatment.  I have never tried the cream version, so was very pleased to get the chance to test it.  

Epaderm Cream is a two in one emollient and skin cleanser, with no fragrance or lanolin (which I find can irritate the skin)  The cream is a nice consistency which I found very cooling and calming on the skin when applied, which helps reduce the itch.  I like the fact it can be used as a skin cleanser and by using it this way and also applying again after showering I found it very moisturising, only having to reapply after about 4 hours (my current moisturiser needs reapplying ever 2 hours). The 500g pump dispenser is great to keep at home and the 50g pump is ideal to keep in your bag.  I would certainly recommend this product for eczema sufferers, it provides relief from extremely dry skin, making the skin more comfortable. I shall continue to use it.  I have recommended it to a friend who suffers from itchy dry skin, and after a week of use she was thrilled with the results.

Catherine (May 16)


I have been really pleased to trial the Epaderm cream, 2 in 1 emollient and skin cleanser SLS free. With improved skin hydration. To moisturise and soften skin. 

I have used other creams for my sons dry skin condition and always on the look  out for a product for his sensitive skin. I am very happy with this cream. Pleasant scent, very creamy and actually melts into skin really well, no greasy residue feel. I apply on his skin after his nightly bath. I am impressed it ca be used in the shower but haven't tried this yet.  The bottle is very easy to use. It has a plastic ring to prevent accidental usage if top is pressed  and I especially like the little stopper for nozzle to prevent leaks. All in all this cream has made my 4 yr olds skin softer and dry patches cleared up. I have started using it on my upper arms as was feeling dry, skin now lovely and soft.  

Caroline (May 16)