• Epaderm® Junior

    For children of all ages including babies, Epaderm® Junior is an emollient that moisturises and softens the skin.

    Developed by dermatologists, Epaderm's fragrance, colouring and SLS free formula is recommended by doctors and parents.  The Epaderm Junior range offers complete emollient therapy to care for dry skin, eczema and psoriasis.  The range includes Epaderm Junior Cream: 1 2-in-1 emollient that can be used as a skin moisturiser and a skin cleanswer; and Epaderm Junior Ointment: a 3-in-1 emollient that can be used as a skin moisturiser, a cleanser, or added to a bath.  The ligher cream might be preferred during the day and the heavier ointment at night.

    Epaderm Junior is available now at Boots and online at www.boots.com.

    To find out more about Epaderm Junior visit www.epaderm.com and Molnlycke's article on talkhealth

    Overall Rating: 4.1/5


On trying the new Junior Epaderm I was pleasantly surprised at how well this product worked on my childs skin. 

The fact that it was clear & non greasy was great. After applying to the skin it absorbed very well & immediately soothed the area of skin affected, It also stopped the irratation that caused the itch.

My childs skin is near enough 100% better by using the Junior Epaderm and I totally recommend this product & have done to my family & friends.

I will definitely be buying the Junior Epaderm for my child as nothing else has came close to help soothe & clear my childs skin.

Michelle (Jul 17)


At a glance, the packaging is attractive with soft colours, creating the impression of a natural product. 

The cream is well sealed and when starting to use the amount dispensed is good and as I started to work through baby’s skin, it lasted for a big surface (back, neck, upper arms).  It doesn’t feel greasy although it doesn’t go fast into the skin. 

At the beginning I absolutely hated the fragrance but you can get used to that. Would prefer a clean powdery scent.

In terms of results it worked in a matter of hours. The rough skin area on my 10 months old become softer, after first massage. The next day it became even softer and now it looks smooth and healthy. As a bonus, my hands have never been so soft and I always suffer with dry, flaky skin due to dishwashing detergent.

Roxana (Jul 17)


Although the Epaderm junior cream has a strong smell like that of a poster paint and a bit greasy to get on your hands, it appears to do a good job on the affected area of skin. I’ve had the privilege of using it for my children’s eczema and it seems to do the trick. It has really come in handy for the family when we have any skin irritations as it seems to soothe straight away. I will be sticking to this brand, the product goes a long way and will last me a good while too. 

Unyimeobong (Jul 17)


My teenage son, aged 16, tried the product over a period of seven days or so.

He liked the straightforward design of the pot/packaging, as it was relatively easy to open, and secure enough to take in his backpack without spilling out and leaving a greasy mess. However, he was not so keen when actually using the ointment. He didn't like the greasy texture of the ointment, and he didn't find that the ointment absorbed very well into his skin. It "sat" on his skin too long and did not soak in very well, which made it very unsuitable for use in the morning, when he would then need to dress for school. 

Admittedly, his skin is in quite good condition at the moment, and he is fortunate that, during the summer months, his eczema improves in the sunshine, especially when the central heating is switched off. It may be that the ointment works better on severely affected skin which is very red and weeping etc.

Despite, it not being so suitable for my sixteen year old son, at this time,  can I just add that, his older brother, my nineteen year old, has just suffered an unusual and sudden outbreak of what looks more like a slightly weeping "sweat rash" on his upper arm in the last couple of days. He applied a little of the epaderm ointment morning and night, and it has had a positive effect in soothing the rash.

In conclusion, I think I would recommend the ointment for severe eczema sufferers, but not so much for those fortunate enough to be suffering only a mild attack.

Bev (Jul 17)


The Epaderm Junior cream has been really moisturising on both of my children as they both have very dry skin, especially on their face, neck and knees. In the last few weeks I’ve been applying this three times a day and I’ve noticed that their skin is more supple, feels smoother and looks more healthy, they have also not been scratching as much since we started to use it. There is no strange smell of the product which I really like, as some emollients I have used have a very off putting smell and this makes it difficult to use sometimes.  My children have also not complained that they feel a burning sensation with this product, as they have complained of a burning feeling with other similar products in the past.

Rupal (Jul 17)


Epaderm Junior is a fantastic product, I usually find after my baby has had a bath his skin can feel a bit dry, but with using Epaderm, it's rich cream rubs in to my baby's (and my skin) really well leaving it soft and smooth. It's perfect for all over the body and the fact it can be used as a wash is brilliant as it means my baby doesn't lose essential moisture when washing.

My only negative for epaderm is the scent. It's a very strong, clinical scent which is quite off-putting and lingers for some time after application. Overall, I'd give this product 4/5 due to the scent

Sian (Jul 17)


I was happy to try Epaderm junior Ointment. I have 2 sons age 3 years and 8 years and both of them have problems with dry skin and the most concern was area behind the ears.

I have tried few products but nothing seems to work. I like the fact that Epaderm Junior Ointment can be used in three ways as an emollient applied directly to skin, as a skin cleanser when washing or having shower or it can be added to bath.

We used Epaderm for two weeks and we found this product quiet good and I have noticed improvements in the skin condition and the dry skin (patches) behind ears have started to disappear. Overall am happy with this product and will be using from now on.

Aneta (Jul 17)


My child has suffered with eczema his whole life varying in severity at different stages. We have tried numerous products to help his symptoms and moisturise his skin and whilst they all work initially it has been a battle to find a product that can go the distance.

I have found water based creams make the condition worse and therefore opted to trial Epaderm junior ointment. The product has a consistency like Vaseline, a little less greasy but still quite tacky to dress after application.  The results were promising initially but after 2 weeks the dryness had returned.

I think this product does what it needs to and would be perfect for most sufferers however it was not effective on my son and he did not enjoy having it on his skin.

Julie (Jul 17)