• Ganodex

    Ganodex® is a unique, moisturising, skin cream originally developed and produced in Norway and is recommended by health care professionals. It is based on a natural active ingredient – a triple-helix beta-glucan, which is extremely effective against psoriasis symptoms, such as scaly, itchy and irritated skin.

    Ganodex® was tested at the London Clinic of Dermatology. The beta glucan in Ganodex® is an immune-modifying ingredient that can reduce scaling, itchiness, and irritation of the skin. Daily application helps make the skin smoother and softer, with increased elasticity. 

    The cream has 100% natural ingredients. Ganodex® is a non-steroidal treatment and does not contain parabens. The cream is quickly absorbed and is non-greasy after application.

    To find out more about Ganodex® visit www.ganodex.com/en/

    Overall Rating: 4.6/5


I have had psoriasis for a long time (Probably 15 to 20 years), and used lots of lotions and potions, including steroid creams. I have recently tried Ganodex and found it to be quite good, helped the itching and the rawness of the condition. Being honest I wasn't a big fan of the smell of the product, but wasn't too unpleasant. Was a good moisturiser and will certainly continue to finish the cream to help with the psoriasis.

Matt (Jan 18)


I have been using Ganodex for two weeks and I must admit I am quite impressed with it. My psoriasis is on both of my arms & a small patch on my stomach, I have found that since using Ganodex my psoriasis has improved, much of the flaky skin has gone & I'm sure the patch on my stomach has actually shrunk a little, so am pleased with the results.

Ganodex has a nice texture to it, not greasy like a lot of other treatments I have used & it absorbs into the skin very quickly.

So overall I think Ganodex is very good and I will continue to keep on using it.

I have only one criticism of it and that is the smell, I'm not to keen on it, but that's a personal thing and it won't stop me using it

Richard (Jan 18)


I have been very impressed with the Ganodex. Over the past few years I seem to have become more reactive to products and the only cream that has helped heal the very dry, itchy and flaky patches has been a strong steroid cream which I know I shouldn't use! However I have been using the Ganodex morning and night as a moisturiser and (touch wood) it has reduced the number of break outs I have had and also has made the dry patches much more supple and less noticeable. As these patches are mostly on my face you can appreciate why I am so pleased - its a far better emollient than anything else I have tried (doesn't itch and make me scratch) and I also have not had to use the strong steroid creams I have hither too relied on. I would definitely recommend this product and will continue using it.

Debs (Dec 17)


I have been using Ganodex for a few days now on my psoriasis. From first application it calmed my red itchy, flaking skin & my skin felt more comfortable than it has done in years. There has also been a improvement in the redness & I hope with continued use it will give me even better results.

I have also used it on a unknown rash on my finger which cleared within a couple of days of using Ganodex. This is one of the best creams I have ever used.

Karen (Dec 17)


I have been using Ganodex now for the past month and have noticed a remarkable improvement in the texture and condition of my skin. I suffer from psoriasis and my skin constantly felt sore, dry and itchy. Since using Ganodex my skin has altogether felt more comfortable, less dry and red. I highly recommend this product and shall continue to use it in the future.

Kerry (Dec 17)


Ganodex is very effective.  I have extremely itchy and burning eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis on my arms, chest and face.  Even on the eyelids this cream is gentle, doesn't burn or sting like some of the stronger steroid creams prescribed to me by doctors, and is non greasy whilst moisturising effectively and gently without any heavy or sticky feel.  It has helped clear up my current flare up in about 3 days and I am very impressed with this product and will definitely use again.  My son also used some for some very dry skin on his arms and this has helped him also.  Highly recommended for all types of dry skin, rashes and itching.

Jacqueline (Dec 17)


I very much like the consistency of Ganodex, it feels nourishing not like other greasy, heavy treatments. The fact that it's made from all natural ingredients is very important to me. I'd much rather use natural rather than chemical treatments so this really appealed  to me.

Due to different circumstances I've used Ganodex only intermittently recently however I will use it much more regularly from now on. It feels nice and comforting on my skin and I'm sure that it's started to make a difference.

I will stick with it and look forward to calmed nourished skin in future rather than the rough, scaly Psoriasis patches that I currently have. I recommend it.

Ann (Dec 17)


Ganodex is a very pleasant product to use. After showering my face in particular feels inflamed and sore. Using the cream soothes this soreness and reduces the inflammation. It is light and easy to apply and absorbs well into the skin without leaving a greasy residue. My face feels moisturised and any itchiness is vastly reduced. This effect can be felt immediately. After using the cream for a number of weeks my psoriasis feels less aggravating.  The cream smells wonderfully of honey. In fact it always makes me feel hungry! I shall continue to use this cream and would recommend it to anyone who suffers from psoriasis.

Deborah (Dec 17)


My psoriasis is on my upper arms and on my right foot. The cream felt nice not to greasy, covered so well you don't need a lot. On my upper arms the cream worked really well it does smell funny but the smell doesn't last long, it took about a week but it cleared up nicely. On my foot it didn't work so well, at first it did then the same thing that happens with all creams happened and that is it becomes worse the skin comes off in sheets and it becomes very sore. So over all it worked on the mild psoriasis but not my severe psoriasis on my foot.

Samantha (Dec 17)


I was very pleased with the cream it has worked very well with my skin. I tried it on a mark that I could not get off my skin it took about three days but it really worked.

Karen (Dec 17)


Absolutely brilliant amazing on my itchy flaky skin my skin has improved and helps to stop the itching which was driving me mad.  I hope I can buy it in the future.

Sharon (Dec 17)


I have been testing this cream and was a little unsure as, with any product or new thing.

On first application, I found it did not have a very nice aroma which is to be honest, very off putting but I persisted and it does wear off after about half a hour or so. I think this does go against it as no one really wants to use a product that has an off putting odour. The cream does take ages to absorb and this makes it sticky so it's best to put it on a while before going to bed, for example.

This came be a drawback and a benefit, of course as you can keep soothing it over your affected area and this helps if you have itchy skin, so while you are smoothing the cream in, it's helping with the itch.

After 2 weeks I saw a little improvement and my skin did look less angry. I think this is because of the cream and because you have to keep rubbing it in, so it has a lasting effect instead of other creams I have tried.

I will keep on using this but to be honest, the smell isn't very nice so if this aspect of the cream could be improved, it would be much better and would appeal to more people.

I am really glad I have been able to test this but I don't know if I will keep buying this after the tube is finished, which is due to the smell of the product more than anything. That is why I cannot give this a 5 star.

Julie (Dec 17)


I loved using Ganodex cream. It is a thick luxurious feel cream that sinks into the skin leaving it soft and supple. Compared to other creams the scaliness in my psoriasis patches didn't return until about 18 hours later. It is recommended to apply 2-3 times a day but I only applied it once a day and there was little improvement . It does smell overwhelmingly of honey and I think honey is either the 2nd or 3rd ingredient. I love honey and all of it's healing connotations and I don't have a flower allergy but if you have an allergy to flowers then it is not recommended to use products containing anything to do with bees ( honey,bee pollen,royal jelly, hive air etc). I would recommend using this especially in the winter and it is a great pick me up product due to the luxurious feel and smell of the cream

Tess (Dec 17)


Ganodex brought instant relief to my dry and itchy skin. It was gentle and didn’t aggravate sensitive patches of eczema. 

The only downside of the cream was the smell which was a little off putting! A really excellent product which I would recommend.

Becky (Dec 17)


Having tested another skin treatment for mild psoriasis, Ganodex is certainly the superior product. With a pleasant smell from the natural ingredients in the cream, it certainly does a better job and calming down my psoriasis than other products. A thicker cream that massages into the skin with ease, leaving my sore areas moisturised and feeling much more supple. Ganodex also has reduced the amount of silvery skin appearing on my psoriasis areas, building on my confidence and not having to worry about flaky skin. I would recommend Ganodex over other products as this cream can be applied easier and in more control than other spray on emollients. The pleasant smell hides the fact its a treatment cream and the non greasy after effects won't stain clothes either. Definitely worth a go if you have tried other treatments for mild psoriasis.

Dave (Dec 17)