• Is Your School Lying to You?

    The world's changing. Education's changing, but careers & university advice isn't. Schools lack the experience to advise our children on careers - a view held by employers, Ofsted and The DfE. Is Your School Lying to You? Is the complete 'how-to' careers guide aimed at every student considering their options.

    This is for anyone between 15-19 struggling with their decisions, those who want some clear advice about what they should be doing and when, or those who know exactly what they want but aren't sure how to go about it. In fact, it's aimed at every student and parent who cares about their future or the future of their child. With specific sections on:

    • Careers guidance & advice on how to identify and access your chosen career.
    • The benefits of university versus an apprenticeship, traineeship, gap year and exploring which option supports your goals.
    • An easy to follow guide to writing a successful CV.
    • A step by step guide for writing your personal statement for a university application.
    • The benefits of studying overseas.
    • How to get the best internships, work experience and why it's important.
    • Making yourself relevant for the emerging job markets.
    • Entrepreneurial skills and how to cultivate them.
    • Interviews with a range of professionals about how they got to where they are and what tips and advice they can offer for professional success - including the likes of designer Wayne Hemingway and the voice of Miss Rabbit, Sarah Ann Kennedy.


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