• My Trusty®

    The award winning group of family skincare products developed by NHS skin specialists for the treatment of impaired skin. With a unique formula of hi-grade sunflower oil NHS skin specialists have developed a range of effective dermatology solutions.

    There are six products in the range, specifically targeting a number of skin conditions, including: dry skin, acne, rosacea; eczema; seborrhoeic dermatitis, thinning/ageing skin and improving the appearance of scar tissue.  Suitable for any area of the face and body.  

    It is known that a healthy Stratum Granulosum layer, found under the surface of the skin, prevents water evaporation which in turn causes dry skin.  The purest sunflower oil found in each of the products, when applied regularly, provides key nutrients to feed your skin to support this function.

    The range is clinically proven to deliver visible results, not just on the dry areas, but the whole body.  Follow a 1,2,3 approach: cleanse, moisturise, massage to help care for your skin without steroids, parabens, lanolin or any artificial colourings.   

    Visit our website to find your nearest stockist or order on line https://mytrustyskincare.co.uk/

    Overall Rating: 4.6/5


The product was tried both by my daughter and grandaughter. My daughter used it on her arms where she has eczema, it worked ok on her lower arms which are exposed more and she found the lotion very good, however at the top of her arms which are more sensitive, it made her skin very red but most things do so it wasn't just that product. She has very sensitive skin but wanted to give it a try.

My grandaughter has exactly the same type of skin and the same happened to her but again neither of them have much luck with any lotions, but at least they tried.

They were not overly keen on the smell of the product even though it was fragrance free it had a smell of the oil, which went away after application but not a fan of the smell when applying it.

So as not to have a proper report as they couldnt try it, I used it for the dry skin on my legs and arms after coming out of hospital from keyhole surgery. I found it very good it was very helpful in eliminating the dry skin and made it very soft. I was pleased with the result as my skin felt great.

They were right about the smell of sunflower oil when applying which isnt particularly pleasant but it soon dissapeared after application.

I would probably use the product again for dry skin on legs and arms but not on face and would probably use it on my body too but unable to at present due to surgery.

As both my daughters have extra sensitive skin they would not use the product again as it did cause redness and flaky skin but as I said above this happens with most products.

Gill (Jan 16)


I found the trusty lotion to be hydrating and helped relieve a patch of eczema on my hand. The texture was slightly runny for small areas but on large areas was easily absorbed. Overall I would recommend this lotion to people with dry skin conditions. 

Kay (Jan 17)


I received this product and was very happy at the results. I have eczema all over my body but mainly in the joints and especially on my right hand. I found that the cream did not irritate my skin at all and managed to calm any redness down. I used it twice a day or whenever it got really red, I also tried using it on my hands as a hand cream. I did not like using it on my hands as it was quite oily. I definitely did notice a change in my eczema whilst using this product. I also liked the fact that it has no fragrance which means it didn't irritate my skin or sting. Overall I would give this product a 4 Star rating, this is due to the fact that it didn't irritate my skin, it overall improved my skin over the 2 weeks using it, the reason I am not giving it 5 stars is down to the fact that it was oily and I prefer a cream that I am using all the time to be not so oily. I could see that it improved eczema and at night time I felt like when I woke up it wasn't red as I usually scratch in my sleep. Using this product made me feel much more better about myself as I don't like people seeing on my arms that I have eczema also in a place where I work wearing gloves all the time is best to have no eczema.

Dionne (Jan 17)


I was very impressed with the simple packaging design, which made the cream look like a light and fun product.The pump top to my bottle caused a few hiccups, not ideal for handbag carrying, so in the future I would definitely buy a flip top version for that purpose. 

The unscented version does smell quite cloying and similar to a nappy cream, but that fades quickly so I never found it to be a problem. The product is quite thick but vanishes into the skin quicker than anything I've used before and has instant results. I use it quite frequently, but I've found that I need to use it less often as it builds up a barrier to the water.  

I live in Scotland and the toll of our delightful weather and constant hand washing in my work leaves my hands dried out and frankly a mess. I have tried many brands over the years but so far My Trusty has actually helped my hands become soft and smooth again.

Shian (Dec 16)


I have enjoyed trying this moisturiser. This product is comparable to my current preferred moisturiser and has a pleasant smell. My skin is extremely sensitive but I have had no adverse redactions to using this product every day for 2 weeks. I would use this product again and also recommend it to anyone looking for a new moisturiser for eczema. It absorbs into the skin very quickly which means it has less of a cooling effect than other moisturisers I have used.

Kirsty (Dec 16)


We have been using "my trusty little sunflower cream" for a few weeks now and so far we are very impressed. For one, my husband can never stand any of my hand or body lotions because to him they always leave an uncomfortable sticky (oily) feeling.  Thus the first day we got "my trusty little sunflower cream" he immediately tried it, skeptically and not expecting any different. Well he was pleasantly surprised after using it, no stickiness. Secondly, our 15 month old toddler had terrible nappy rash at the time, and the usual antiseptic barrier cream (sudocrem) wasn't making much of a difference. We wondered if this product would help relief the uncomfortable and very painful nappy rash, as it has been developed for NHS patients  and safe to use on all ages from 8 weeks old on. We started using it (alternating it at every nappy change with sudocrem), not expecting to see much improvement. Again we were pleasantly surprised; the next day we could see clearly a considerable improvement. 

Another big plus is that this product is 98% natural, not tested on animals, and developed by the NHS (Salisbury District Hospital) for patients with profits going back to the NHS trust.

We would like to give this product a very high rating due to its effectiveness and moisturisation.  However, we weren't too keen on the smell; we used the unscented cream, which may be desirable by some, but we probably would go for the lavender scented cream (especially as lavender has many beneficial properties too). Therefore overall we would give this product a 4.5 out of 5.

Marijntje (Dec 16)


I have extremely dry, flaky and itchy skin so jumped at the chance to test this cream as the itching is sometimes unbearable. The cream is lovey to apply and doesn't have that greasy texture that most dry skin creams have. It soaked into my skin quite quickly and left it feeling lovely and smooth. It also helped with the itching, in fact using the cream twice a day has meant I haven't scratched at all! There is a downside, however, the smell... although I was trialling the unscented version there is a strong smell associated with it. Unfortunately, it is not a pleasant smell and it lingers for quite some time. I wanted to try the cream on my husband but he refused point blank because of it. It is such a shame as the cream is very good but due to the scent it is not something I would buy. I see that there is also a lavender fragrance but I don't think this would be suitable either, my husband associates lavender with old ladies. I would love to give a 5 out of 5 rating but due to the smell alone I would rate it a 3.

Louise (Dec 16)


This product has a very simple but fresh and attractive design. The pump action is easy to use and allows ease of dispensing. The cream has no obvious added aroma and smells of sunflower oil. The consistency of the added 5% sunflower oil makes the cream light and allows instant moisturising of the skin, leaving no greasy feel to the skin at all. 

I do not suffer from excessively dry skin, although my heels have been a little rough during the summer. This is the area I focussed on, as well as my hands. The cream instantly improved the condition of my skin, and the oil base seems to help when hands are in and out of water frequently, which my work as a podiatrist requires. 

My nephew has had an going problem since birth with eczema. He has tried many creams over a number of years, unfortunately without great success. I  will be introducing him to this cream in the next couple of weeks to hopefully help him improve and maintain a condition that has caused him great distress over the years. It is extremely important to me that this cream is a natural, vegan product.

It has been a pleasure to test his cream and I look forward to continue to use it daily and hopefully see further benefits and improvements for me and also my nephew. 

Gaynor (Dec 16)


After more than 30 years of having Rosacea on my cheeks and nose I was used to living with it. Over the years I have tried from the basic creams to the most expensive and still I came out with the red, sometimes itchy patches on my face. It mostly appeared on the right hand side of my cheek right in the middle and was worse in the sun. People used to tell me to have a week in the sun, it would do it good. But in fact it had the opposite effect.

When asked if I would test and review My Trusty Little Sunflower Cream, I decided to try it as I had nothing to lose.

I was sent a full size bottle of 250ml within a week or so and tried it there and then. At first I pumped out too much as it has a pump dispenser and I got a bit carried away. I smeared it all over my face as my forehead and under my eyes were getting rather dry patches too and quickly it rubbed in leaving a non sticky residue. The smell is how you imagine Sunflowers to be, not floral as such, but more of a natural smell. It was strange at first getting used to the fragrance as I do prefer a nice smelling moisturiser, but maybe that was the problem before and that wasn't helping my skin problems. 

I used it twice a day, first thing in the morning and before I went to bed. I got used to pumping out just the right amount and you don't need much. It only took about a week before I started noticing that my dry skin on my forehead was getting less and less and it hadn't irritated my Rosacea. 

I got used to the fragrance too, it's not horrible, it's just different. 

Now after several weeks of using it, I have hardly used any from the bottle as you don't need much and my skin is so much better. I haven't had a flair up on my skin and no red itchy patches. It says it's 98% natural which I can believe and compared to other companies selling similar products, this is by far the best and great value.

Belinda (Dec 16)


Been using this lotion for my kids aged 4 and 2 for a while now, They both have mild eczema skin condition. I found it easy to apply, it's very fast absorbent and not greasy as other skin lotions. I was applying cream on my kids body and face every evening  after the bath and morning as well. As they are mixed race they have especially dry skin then others! I am continuing to use this lotion on my kids because it helps them to moisture their skin and they are not saying mummy my tummy is itchy or back (where they have most of the white patchy skin).

Would most definitely recommend it for all the family to use, no allergies so no fear of skin reaction!

I am suffering from mild psoriasis on my forehead and have been using this lotion twice daily after cleansing regime and the improvement is massive! Skin is not itchy or red, it's easy to apply and absorbent, and no discomfort!

I highly recommend it for those with eczema and psoriasis skin conditions!

Alona (Apr 16)


Firstly I decided to test the product on the patches of eczema that I have and then use it just as a general moisturiser later, then I would test it on my daughter (5).

So after applying the cream to my eczema I noticed that the cream doesn't smell very pleasant, kind of oily but I suppose that is to be expected as it's made with sunflower oil and no perfume, totally natural. After a few hours there was a slight improvement because the patches were less red than usual and a bit smoother. After applying it and leaving it overnight....WOW! The patches were hardly red at all and noticeably smoother and felt less itchy than usual when I woke up in the morning. By this point I really couldn't care less about the smell, I was so impressed. After having a bath that night I used the cream all over and it felt very nice, it definitely stopped that 'tight' feeling that I sometimes get after using other moisturisers. The softness lasted all through the day until bath time the next evening. It felt lovely on my face too, very soft. 

After my daughter had a bath I put the product on her and she commented on the smell but said it felt nice and soft and like "silk". As with most kids she can tend to break into a rash for no reason after using something (even Johnson's products) but there was no rashes with this product. She too stayed completely moisturised all through the next day.

Sarah W (Apr 16)


I have been using the My Trusty moisturiser since  I first received it. At first I wasn't too sure about the smell, as it is unperfumed. It reminded me a little of emulsion paint! However I quickly got used to this. I have used the cream from head to toe, and think it's brilliant. I suffer with extremely dry hands and my fingers crack. I have used the moisturiser several times a day and it's been great. I have used it without irritation on my face too. I am very impressed with it. It's light and absorbs easily. I will definitely be purchasing more. I shall also be buying the body butter, oil and the lovely lavender fragrance cream. Definitely worth the price……. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Sarah G (Mar 16)


I have dry skin and usually find it difficult to find a moisturiser that doesn't break the bank, lasts well and moisturises without leaving my skin feeling oily - my trusty sunflower cream is the product I've been searching for all these years!

After the first day of using it I was impressed by the results and this only improved as time went on, aside from the fantastic results the product is easy to apply and it's nice to know it uses natural ingredients and the profits go back into the NHS trust that created it. I can't fault the sunflower cream and have since tried a few other products in the range - all of which have been of the same great quality. I'm fully converted to My Trusty products.

Linsey (Mar 16)


I honestly started off reluctant that this cream wouldn't work for me as I've had a bad history with many products - nothing seems to work for my abnormally normal skin! (Normal is combination skin) although my skin used to stay in tact in my previous years (it was manageable i.e oily in the summer and dry in the winter) almost as if it was scheduled. But in recent years I've struggled with my dry skin and it only seems to worsen; I have dry skin on my forehead WHILST it'll be the oiliest part of my face! THANK GOD I discovered this product. THANK GOD. It honestly has helped with my dry skin - to my surprise!- and the consistency of this product is perfect. Very ideal. Considering this is a cream for DRY skin it is relatively thin or well 'normal' in thickness which really did bring a smile to my face as when I look for creams I tend to shy away from thicker creams for various obvious reasons. The product itself (the sunflower cream) is a real mystery to me; sunflower cream? Who'd have thought that'd be the answer to what I've been looking for. It is unscented so those who worry that their skin may react to fragrance (if your skin is super sensitive) it wont and this (I believe) is the main product out of the range which I think was a sensible idea to have it unscented as it'd minimise the likelihoods of it affecting results. However there is a light-hearted fragranced version available which I did prefer just out of preference. Additionally the product was 'made' by NHS! Which to me was a huge confirmation to validity and just an overall boost to know that this product has more of a chance than any others. Lastly I'd definitely recommend this product as it has done me well and I've struggled to find a flaw hence I am awarding this product a 5/5. 

Sadia (Mar 16)


I have been using the My Trusty sunflower unscented cream now for two weeks, and I have to say I am very impressed. The cream absorbs into your skin instantly leaving it smooth and soft, with no feelings of slimy or tacky skin as some creams can.  

The main thing that impressed me with the My Trusty sunflower cream is how it can take away the itch. I would put the cream on when I felt like I needed to itch and the need would be gone within seconds. It even helped to stop me itching in my sleep, I would put it on before bed and wake up the following day without the scabs or marks from itching in the night. 

I also tried the sample of body and face oil, regularly using an expensive facial oil from Neil’s Yard I found this My Trusty one just as good!  

I would definitely recommend both the My Trusty products mentioned above!

Abbie (Mar 16)