• mydryskin support programme

    mydryskin provides 12 weeks of dedicated information, sent to you by email in bite-size chunks. Every week there is a PDF for you to download or print containing practical information about how to manage dry skin, written by talkhealth and medical experts.

    Many adults will experience dry skin at some point in their life. Dry skin can occur for various reasons and can be extremely uncomfortable and even unbearable at times.

    Some of the topics the programme covers include:

    • Symptoms & treatments
    • What to ask your GP or consultant
    • Patient stories and hints & tips
    • Common triggers & irritants
    • Itch-scratch cycle
    • Emotional impact and much more! 

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    Overall Rating: 4.6/5


I found the mydryskin support programme really useful overall as it had topics around how to manage your skin conditions. I think one of the things it does, is give you the confidence to really take control of your condition by providing you with information and guidance and help you understand what your underlying issue might be. It gives you the confidence to take it to medical professionals to help you tackle the root of what the problem may be.

Sajeda (Jul 19)


The mydryskin program helped me a lot in the fight against my problems. I am sick on Hashimoto and hypothyroidism and unfortunately I have a problem with it every day.

Patrycja (Jul 19)


Very good information regarding skin problems and other dry skin ailments.

Ranjit (Jul 19)


Very useful information.

Oana (Jul 19)


I found it very useful and a great source of information. It's also comforting to be reminded that I'm not alone and it's not something to be ashamed of.

Kelly (Jul 19)


Good advice, professional support, lots of tips, good body of knowledge, regular updates, links to organizations that can help. I've been following a better skin regime since following the program. Keeping myself better hydrated, using an emollient everyday which has been very effective and made my skin soft and stopped the itching and flakiness. Following a better diet, hygiene and beauty regime. Sharing my experiences and advice with others. Using emollient aqueous cream in the bath. Keeping my feet in better health, buffing dry skin and using heel balm for cracked heels. Feeling less embarassed wearing short sleeves and shorts and short skirts because my eczema has improved and is less red and itchy and flaky. Keeping skin well protected in the sun with high factor sun cream and after sun lotion. Using more natural organic products for sensitive skin rather than cheap chemically based ones.Taking evening primrose oil tablets which have really helped my eczema and eating foods rich in vitamin E.

Diane (Jul 19)


I suffer from dry skin because of the pustular psoriasis, I have followed both the mypsoriasis and mydryskin programmes. The info gathered from both programmes have complimented each other and helped me to deal with the condition.

Lupe (Jul 19)


It's a perfect programme that gives helpful and relevant advice. It helps to widen your knowledge of dry skin conditions. Giving you the confidence to manage your treatments and seek advice from health professionals.

Deborah (Jul 19)


Interesting and informative.

Delma (Jul 19)


Very interesting and informative, much of the information I already knew but it was good refreshing my memory.

Rebecca (Jul 19)


Useful information and hints and tips. People's stories helped me to deal with my condition and realized that I'm not alone.

Guadalupe (May 19)


Gives a better understanding of the condition.

Alan (May 19)


It really helped me with my skin and also with my unhappy feelings I had in connection with my skin problems.  I felt I was being looked after by having a weekly informative email.  A very good programme.  I would definitely recommend it.

Sandra (May 19)


The mydry skin programme has changed my life, although this may sound extreme before being part of this I was anxious about going out with dry skin and always looking for ways to hide it because I was embarrassed, since taking part I feel alot more confident about going out and not being ashamed. I also don't feel so alone with this condition. I am also able to look after my skin alot better and I have learnt what can trigger my dry skin and make it worse and am able to avoid some triggers which has made a big difference. Since taking part I am able to look after my dry skin better and I am now using the Eucerin brand which before doing this I had not tried before.

Whitney (May 19)


This support programme is highly recommended.  I found the tips and advice were a great help for my particular condition and something I go back to time and time again.

Alison (Apr 19)