• mydryskin support programme

    mydryskin provides 12 weeks of dedicated information, sent to you by email in bite-size chunks. Every week there is a PDF for you to download or print containing practical information about how to manage dry skin, written by talkhealth and medical experts.

    Many adults will experience dry skin at some point in their life. Dry skin can occur for various reasons and can be extremely uncomfortable and even unbearable at times.

    Some of the topics the programme covers include:

    • Symptoms & treatments
    • What to ask your GP or consultant
    • Patient stories and hints & tips
    • Common triggers & irritants
    • Itch-scratch cycle
    • Emotional impact and much more! 

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    Overall Rating: 4.7/5


Useful and informative current information regarding skin conditions.  Also, useful resources which are available to access.

Frances (Apr 20)


Useful advice and use of creams, etc.

Patricia (Mar 20)


So informative. The advice given is better than going to the GP as it’s so much more knowledgeable.

Deborah (Mar 20)


A very good programme, (especially if you have only recently started to experience dry skin problems) with a number of hints and tips.

Pam (Mar 20)


This programme is very helpful and useful. I found many things which are usefull in everyday life. Some things I already knew,some not. Sometimes because of service like this I don't really need to go to the doctor. Thanks for that.

Agnieszka (Mar 20)


I found all the information very helpful. There was advice such as triggers, infection, support & even how best to apply emolients. I felt it was helpful to read other people's stories. I felt that my dry skin condition has improved since starting the mydryskin support programme.

Lee (Mar 20)


An interesting and informative programme with help and guidance in easy to read weekly emails which aren’t too over facing and cover a variety of topics. Some information is helpful because it is new and other bits you know are reassuring to check and know you are doing the right thing. Helpful & caring and well put together.

Fiona (Feb 20)


I am very happy to recommend this very useful program. It has kept me well informed and improved my skin a great deal.

Deborah (Feb 20)


What a fantastic reassuring programme. As a parent with eczema and two children with severe eczema I found this very usefull with great tips from how to care, dry and keep it at bay. I even went back to the GP a few times to see what they can offer and thanks to the mydryskin support program I had the knowledge to look and ask for the stuff I needed. I've passed the emails to family and freinds struggling with skin problems and they're very impressed to read such a supporting group, so have helped others too. 

Heather (Feb 20)


Great program, lots of very helpful advice that I would never have known about if I did not have this to go to for information and advice.

John (Feb 20)


The information given, now seems common sense but, unless you are made aware, you never find out all the tips and useful information given.

Diane (Jan 20)


This was an eye opener for me. As I was reading this I noticed my symptoms were on there which I was then able to explain it to my doctor. This was very helpful for me.

Robert (Jan 20)


I thought it was handy to know what triggers dry skin more than anything. To help combat your own issues within your skin. My main issue is my diet which I know is my own control but things like makeup and daily activities don't help so this guide helps me motivate myself into doing more to achieve the results I want without expecting a doctor to help.

Gemma (Jan 20)


The programme has been a great help with a source of information from people who understand my issues and can give helpful advice from experience.

Michael (Jan 20)


Very knowledgeable gave great advice and guidance all the way through.

Kirsty (Jan 20)