• myeczmeachild support programme

    myeczemachild provides 24 weeks of dedicated support, sent to you by email in bite-size chunks. Every week there is a PDF for you to download or print containing practical information about how to manage eczema, written by talkhealth and medical experts.

    Eczema can be an extremely uncomfortable condition for children and teenagers, causing itchy, sore and irritable skin. If you’re looking for additional support to help manage and control your child’s eczema. 

    Some of the topics the programme covers include:

    • Types of eczema
    • General emollient advice
    • Patient stories and hints & tips
    • Practical information about eczema triggers
    • Preparing your child for nursery/school
    • What to ask your GP or Dermatologist
    • Itch-scratch-cycle and much more!

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    Overall Rating: 4.8/5


Great support programme to let you know more about this skin condition that is skin deep - could be allergy or external factors such as dust or the weather; items way beyond your control but you can try to protect from. You hear from real life people with real life stories so you know you’re not alone. Many people are affected by this and there are organisations set up to share information, hints and tips about eczema management.

Amaka (Apr 19)


I guess we fall on the lower end of needing the support but that made us more unsure of where to go because we weren't a severe case - the programme provided what we needed and this was great.

Kiley (Apr 19)


I found this to be extremely useful and made me feel like I'm not alone and eczema has an impact on everyone who has it. The information given really made me feel powerful feeling like I could help relieve it.

Marie (Apr 19)


Fantastic support programme with lots of information and hints and tip of how to help and manage eczema. I have picked up alot of useful information off this programme. Definitely worth using if your child had eczema as I thought I knew everything I could. But this proved me wrong.

Carla (Apr 19)


The myeczemachild support programme helped me a lot.

Margaret (Apr 19)


The support programme is a fantastic programme as you can get information from people who know and people who have the same condition. Also new ideas and advice is welcome as a parent of a child who suffered extremely badly with eczema it’s a relief to find out new things.

Deborah (Apr 19)


It was brilliant, very informative, gave lots of ideas on how to help my child, and where we were going wrong.

Stacey (Mar 19)


My support program has helped in so many ways, I now feel confident.

Shakhera (Mar 19)


I did not know too much about eczema or how to treat my child very well till I read all the reveiwes plus it gave me information to ask my doctor and seek advice. My child's eczema is a lot easier to deal with and it has helped my child a lot.

Alex (Mar 19)


Excellent programme.

Sufia (Feb 19)


Perfect program for parents with children with eczema. Gives us all the information we need and the steps to follow in a way to improve our child health. It saves parents a lot of time on GP appointments and on time spent taking care of children's medical condition.

Marco (Feb 19)


Loved it. So informative.

Mike (Feb 19)


I thought it was so informative and beneficial for our family. I think all parents and carers should have access to it. It would help so much. Thank you for a great programme.

Jade (Feb 19)


Relevant; useful.

Sarah (Feb 19)


The programme was extremely useful as it gave lots of information and tips thats just not out there for people to find unless they visited their gp.

Gail (Feb 19)