• myIBS support programme

    Written by leading medical experts from County Durham and Darlington NHS Trust, myIBS provides 12 weeks of dedicated information, sent to you by email in bite-size chunks.

    Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a common condition affecting the digestive system. The main cause is unknown but eating certain foods and stress are known to exacerbate symptoms that can last for a day or so, to several weeks or even months.

    Some of the topics the programme covers include:

    • Symptoms & treatments
    • Common triggers & irritants
    • What to ask your GP or consultant
    • Diet
    • Patient stories and hints & tips
    • Latest research and much more!

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    Overall Rating: 4.8/5


Very useful info and helpful tips to try and changes to make. Very helpful in finding what causes and triggers you may not have realised.

Michelle (Sep 19)


When you live with IBS, you often feel like nobody understands how you feel, and that there is no cure. This programme gives you clear information about lots of treatment options and lets you take away what you need from it, without bombarding you with medical jargon, just clear, useful information. Overall, very informative.

Eileen (Aug 19)


Great info and information about where to get help.

Donna (Aug 19)


The IBS program helped me to find out what was the reason for my IBS problem and the details and how it works with the diet and controlling the nerves and psychological stress and making my day to day life more manageable.

Firoz (Aug 19)


Excellent advice, information link to other forms of support regarding IBS - help to identify triggers, tips and ways to help manage your condition or how to seek advice.

Rachel (Jul 19)


I have suffered IBS for 20 years. It makes me feel very fragile and this programme helped me understand the condition and gave me coping methods. It's good to read about other sufferers as you don't feel so alone. I found it very supportive and informative. I would recommend.

Julie (Jul 19)


Most helpful,informative and reassuring! Nice to know I’m not alone and losing my mind! More guidance,hints and tips have been discovered, much more still needed! Would be good as an ongoing thing as it gives me hope!

Sarah (Jul 19)


Helped me to learn about different techniques to manage my IBS symptoms and also to learn I'm not alone.

Susan (Jul 19)


I thought it was very informative, as a long term sufferer of IBS I learnt things I was unaware of and will seek further medical intervention.

Steph (Jul 19)


It's hard to feel at times that IBS is a recognised illness as in the past, when telling my symptoms to my doctor,  I just got back "yeah, maybe it's a bit of IBS". You get the feeling it's nothing and nothing they can do about!! At least, every week helped me feel more validated and that something can be done about it.

Axelle (Jul 19)


It helped me identify some foods that made my IBS worse. It helped me learn to cope with the symptoms. I felt  what I was going through was common and how I can get help.

Joanne (Jul 19)


I have lived with IBS for years, it has improved since I stopped working as I think a lot of it was triggered by stress and the support programme seemed to support this.  It was so usefu to read about my symptoms in other people and see how they dealt with it.  I am trying harder to avoid triggering it and the programme gave me the tools to do this.  I would like to see some investigations into IBS and the menopause because I definitely think going through it made my IBS worse.

Janette (Jul 19)


It was useful and I now understand more and feel that I can now control it a bit more.

Sophie (Jul 19)


Having suffered IBS for years I am pretty aware of my causes and how I can treat it, but I did learn a few new things. It was ideal however for anyone just realising they suffer from this very debilitating problem, and hopefully offered them support and gave them peace of mind.

Annette (Jun 19)


If you were looking for advice and support on IBS whichever type you suffer from, all the knowledge imparted by the myIBS was invaluable.  Too many books etc gloss over IBS as not having much of an impact on one's daily life.  You have to be a sufferer to understand IBS-D and how it affects you.  The myIBS support programme was a step by step way of learning to adjust to having this disease.

Jenny (Jun 19)