• mypsoriasis support programme

    mypsoriasis provides 12 weeks of dedicated information, sent to you by email in bite-size chunks. Each week you will receive either a PDF for you to download / print OR a video to view containing practical information written by talkhealth and medical professionals.

    Some of the topics the programme covers include:

    • The types of psoriasis
    • Treatments and Triggers
    • Questions to ask your doctor
    • Practical information about self-managing psoriasis
    • Stories from other people with the condition

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    Overall Rating: 4.8/5


It's a great program to follow. It's very easy to read in weekly supplements bite-sized pieces to take in as and when you need to.

Karen (Oct 19)


I found the programme to have a lot of information about psoriasis like food triggers, different creams or lotions which are the best ones for you.

Jen (Sep 19)


Very helpfull information and tricks.

Dorota (Sep 19)


Great support and information.

Julie (Jul 19)


I found it very helpful. The advice was always extremely relevant to my condition.

Sandra (Jul 19)


A lot of very useful information and great that it was given over a period of time so as not to overload you. It has made me more confident about discussing it with my doctor, which is something I would have not done before.

Angela (Jul 19)


So helpful and supportive really enlightened me on how to take care of and treat my psoriasis.

Jade (Jul 19)


Good all round advice, quite in-depth with information which some of the reads I didn't know about.

Patricia (Jul 19)


I found it really helpful. It could be a bit more specific depending on the type of psoriasis as triggers might be different from each other and triggers can be different from person to person. Never had psoriasis before, I'm nearly 50 and I have found the programme quite interesting and informative.

Lupe (Jun 19)


This is an excellent starting point for newly diagnosed psoriasis sufferers and their family. It is easy to understand and dispels many myths and fears people may have. I have suffered with severe psoriasis for over 30 years and would have welcomed this course at the start of my journey.

Debbie (Jun 19)


Great to get some more knowledge into the condition.

Donna (Jun 19)


It was good to get up to date information and advice on a range of problems. The stories helped me see I am not alone. Things began to make sense in terms of triggers. I feel more confident in asking for the appropriate help and treatment now.

Nicola (Jun 19)


Glad soneone understands.

Trisha (Jun 19)


Useful because it was bite size and made me aware of what to look for.

David (Jun 19)


It's always good to get any new information on this condition. It prompted me to try Ganodex which is proving to be a great help, although when I spoke with my Dermatologist she just said expensive moisturizer!

Susan (Jun 19)