• myrosacea support programme

    myrosacea provides 24 weeks of dedicated information, sent to you by email in bite-size chunks. Every week there is a PDF for you to download or print containing practical information about how to manage rosacea, written by talkhealth and medical experts.

    Rosacea is a common but poorly understood condition. Severity of symptoms can vary from person to person from a mild inconvenience to a life altering condition. Some of these symptoms include facial redness or flushing, a burning or stinging sensation on the skin, red bumps, spots, skin dryness, plaques (raised red patches of skin), and swelling or thickening of the skin. Many people with rosacea also struggle with the psychological impact of the condition.

    Some of the topics the programme covers include:

    • Symptoms & treatments
    • Skincare routine
    • Patient stories and hints & tips
    • Rosacea triggers
    • Camouflage make-up
    • Emotional impact and much more!

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    Overall Rating: 4.8/5


I have learnt how to live and stay positive even when I have had some flare up symptoms just by eating the right foods, getting advice, ideas and tips from other people who have suffered or still suffering from this condition. Keeping a diary of my day to day both good and bad days of how I feel and trying to ensure I stick with a more healthy diet and keep active too. Overall, it has made quite a difference now as I feel a bit more confident and just get on with my life no matter what. Keeping a positive mind and with motivation, I know it will get even better for me too.

Elizabeth (Jul 19)


I found this programme extremely helpful, I have spoken to my GP on 2 occasions and was given medication. Neither of them worked very well and I felt like the GP didn't take my rosacea seriously so I never went back. This programme has helped me with new things to try which in fact reduces the redness, the triggers are still there but when it flares up I'm more confident that I'm not bright red. Thank you.

Debbie (Apr 19)


The program is really informative and full of different types of treatments, providing practical advice and information on how to deal with rosacea. My niece suffers from it and her mum found the program really useful. Thanks.

Satveer (Apr 19)


Excellent information.

Kay (Apr 19)


I think this was so helpful and as much as I still feel down about it I feel that I do feel slightly better and more able to see my go and ask for more help than I have received in the past from them.

Clancey (Apr 19)


The programme gives many signposted directions to support in the community whether this is from its own website or other areas of support. 

It allows the individual to have the confidence to go to the GP and talk about how it affects the them both physically & mentally.

Also that as a sufferer you are not alone.

Teresa (Apr 19)


This my rosacea programme is very useful as it helped me to read what other people who are a lot worse off than me have gone through and what treatments they have had and tried. What works for one person may not work for another. I found advice useful and took it on board and it helped me understand how it works. It helped me understand how some people cope with the condition and try not to be embarrassed about it. I think that this programme will help a lot of people to come to terms with the condition and speak to the GP and other professionals to help deal with the condition and treatments that may be new and existing to help with flare ups and what to avoid.

Tracey (Apr 19)


Very good, extremely informative, good tips.

Patricia (Apr 19)


Such a helpful programme, I've never had much help before with understanding rosacea so this was really helpful.

Clancey (Mar 19)



Allison (Mar 19)


I found it very encouraging to learn more about the condition. Lots of extra information to help cope in bad flare ups.

Amanda (Mar 19)


A fantastic programme full of very relevant information, which has helped me understand my condition and given me the confidence to seek help, which I would not have done if it weren’t for this programme.

Paula (Mar 19)


I was very impressed by the information supplied each week. As started knowing other people suffer from rosacea and that there is support out there is invaluable. It is now up to me to tackle the problem and go to my GP for help.

Teresa (Mar 19)


Lots of usful information on how to deal with this condition as my doctor dosnt seem to know much. Lots to think about in treating this condition which I would not know anything about if it wasnt for this support programme.

Patricia (Mar 19)


Informative and very helpful as information is knowledge and knowledge can help to manage our conditions.

Paul (Feb 19)