• myrosacea support programme

    myrosacea provides 24 weeks of dedicated information, sent to you by email in bite-size chunks. Every week there is a PDF for you to download or print containing practical information about how to manage rosacea, written by talkhealth and medical experts.

    Rosacea is a common but poorly understood condition. Severity of symptoms can vary from person to person from a mild inconvenience to a life altering condition. Some of these symptoms include facial redness or flushing, a burning or stinging sensation on the skin, red bumps, spots, skin dryness, plaques (raised red patches of skin), and swelling or thickening of the skin. Many people with rosacea also struggle with the psychological impact of the condition.

    Some of the topics the programme covers include:

    • Symptoms & treatments
    • Skincare routine
    • Patient stories and hints & tips
    • Rosacea triggers
    • Camouflage make-up
    • Emotional impact and much more!

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    Overall Rating: 4.8/5


Myrosacea support programme is very useful and full of advice. It gives lots of information on how to ask Dr or talkhealth support team on how to treat the condition bearing in mind what works for one person may not work for another. It also gives information on possible flare ups and possible food and drinks to avoid and to wear sun cream throughout the year. It also helps people feel better with themselves like me who think we are on our own with this condition so now we know it's more common than we think and that we are not 'aliens' to this condition. It's been a valuable insight to read thank you all who contributed to this programme it really has helped me

Tracey (Nov 18)


Very helpful.

Gwen (Nov 18)


I have had rosacea for over a decade without realising what it was before. A friend mentioned what she thought it was and at this time I signed up for the support programme. I have gone from having no knowledge to being able to effectively treat my own condition. I am more confident and find because I now know the triggers I can prevent severe flare ups. My nose which was badly effected is now much more manageable. Thank you.

Andrea (Nov 18)


It was great to receive weekly updates on ways to manage and support condition.  Others insights was very helpful.

Sumaiya (Nov 18)


The programme was full of useful information and it was of just the right amount of information to read up on. I learned all about the condition which made me feel understood and armed with knowledge should I wish to see my doctor about it. It was useful to find out what the common triggers were so that I could try to minimise them. I wear quite thick makeup to hide my uneven skin tone but for others I can see how it would effect their confidence and there was advice on that too. An excellent support programme which I am glad I signed up to! 

Claire (Nov 18)


Knowledge is a good thing, knowing you are not alone or on your own, hearing others stories and reactions was both heart warming and eye opening. Advice from professionals and like-minded suffers was handy and informative, knowing the full story from triggers to treatment, and having all that information easy to hand, was not only helpful but emotionally soothing, everything in one place, at the touch of a button. I would definitely recommend my rosacea, for support, information, help and creative ideas, so what are you waiting for, if you are a sufferer like me of rosacea, then give it a go, and see if this can help you to.

Catherine (Nov 18)


A professional and supportive aid in the control and relief of rosacea helping reduce the stress involved and also reducing the stigma in public and at work and when travelling generally so that not so concerned that always being looked at which also reduces the nervous aspect but reducing the inflammation and flare ups is overall such a relief and understanding it is not the 'end of the world'! to have rosacea.

Qingwen (Nov 18)


An excellent programme for those who have very little prior knowledge and need an all round insight into rosacea.

Sarah (Nov 18)


The programme was very helpful and gave an interesting insight to this condition.

William (Nov 18)


Knowledge of a condition is very very helpful .

Junie (Nov 18)


I found the myrosacea support programme so worthwhile.  I now feel I can cope and I am more confident as my condition has improved.  The information I was given I put into practice.  Well done!

Robert (Nov 18)


I learned so much about my condition and felt less alone. I feel more confident in talking to health care providers and just people in general, can't recommend this programme enough.

Joanne (Nov 18)


I found the programme very interesting and useful. Mostly for the psycological support. Too often doctors are too busy or don't care too much about the psycological impact but they tend only to cure the symptoms.

Antonio (Nov 18)


It was such a great experience to have so much information. It has had a positive impact on my attitude towards myrosacea. I am now able to manage myrosacea much better.

Brenda (Nov 18)


Very relevant information, helpful. 

Janice (Nov 18)