• mywellbeing support programme

    mywellbeing provides 19 weeks of dedicated information, sent to you by email in bite-size chunks. Each week you will receive either a PDF for you to download / print OR a video to view containing practical information written by talkhealth and medical and professional experts.

    To help you improve your health our well-being programme covers a wide range of health topics and provides quick pointers to get you back on track. 

    Some of the topics the programme covers include:

    • Sleep, digital detoxing
    • Weight and exercise
    • Men's and Women's health covering all age ranges
    • Mental and emotional well-being
    • Skin, allergies
    • Gut health, nutrition, sugar, salt, heart and cholesterol
    • Pain and first aid

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    Overall Rating: 4.7/5


I found it great to be in, got a lot of confidence about taking charge of my own health.

Marianne (Jan 20)


Good insight to a variety of health conditions. Made me think more about my health and how I cope with it.

Patricia (Jan 20)


The programme is very good.

Pauline (Jan 20)


It lets me find out more information about my health without feeling the need to call on my G.P. it also lets me read it in my own time so I can fully understand what it says.

Kathleen (Jan 20)


The programme has helped me to become more confident dealing with my current health issues. I have been able to manage it better with less medication and more within my diet. I have also had the push to exercise more and drink more water.

Laura (Jan 20)


A great starter programme for those looking to improve their health, although it should bear in mind that some of the suggestions are not particularly inclusive to those who cannot carry out certain activities or don't have the control over their lives to change certain elements.

Kellie (Jan 20)


I think the programme was very interesting, I learnt a lot and have kept lots of the information for use in the future. I even carried out further research on my own about some of the topics as I found them intriguing. I would definitely be interested in programmes such as this in the future.

Lisa (Jan 20)


The programme was very easy to understand and informative. Each module came at a speed that didn't overwhelm me at any point. Everything was well set out and even parts not quite relevant to me were definitely interesting.

Paul (Jan 20)


Useful and informative information with regard to the health and well being of myself and my famiy. Has been supportive and encouraging with regard to increased exercise and a healthier diet too. The information was presented in a manner not to exclude people or being patronising also.

Mandie (Jan 20)


Overall the programme gave me a greater understanding of my, and others, bodies and makeup. The variety of topics within it was surprising and well varied and I wouldn't hesitate going on a different topic programme again.

Nigel (Jan 20)


I would recommend the programme to anyone, I signed up not thinking it would be particularly relevant but I was surprised at how many issues that were covered did have relevance either directly to myself or a close family member. A few minutes to read through certainly increased my understanding and ways in which I can improve general well-being. I found some weeks particularly interesting and relevant and certainly know how to access information at my fingertips should I need to revisit again.

Jane (Jan 20)


I was a little doubtful that I would learn anything being on this programme at the start, but there were so many ideas and so much information offered that I found i have more confidence to cope with my different ailments because of taking part in the programme. I would recommend to anybody that is a little unsure of their conditions to follow this programme. You will learn so much, understand a lot more and have the confidence to talk to your healthcare provider about your condition to get the best support from them.

Kim (Jan 20)


Nice to know I can get confidential help and advice when I need it. I liked being able to go through the information at my own pace and skip over things that were not so relevant to me.

Susan (Jan 20)


It was a helpful and detailed programme well worth the effort to read and do something positive.

Alistair (Dec 19)


Excellent information that gives important advice and information on all aspects of well-being. Has increased my knowledge awareness and I feel healthier and more in control of my lifestyle.

Andrea (Dec 19)