• Quick Cooking for Diabetes

    Quick Cooking for Diabetes provides over 60 speedy recipes from quick snacks or meals for one to entertaining friends and family, It also contains practical information on how to create a balanced diet to suit your needs and maintain healthy blood-glucose levels.

    Written by Louise Blair & Norma McGough this book contains 70 recipes that can be cooked in 30 minutes or less. The recipes are specially selected to be suitable for diabetics and you can find snacks, main meal and puddings to suit all tastes. With a section on Living with Diabetes and Nutrition and Diabetes this is more than just a cookbook.

    Overall Rating: 4.4/5


I found that the 'Quick Cooking For Diabetes' book to be very helpful. It contains some really good recipes that are easy to cook and will help with a diabetic diet. The recipes contain everyday ingredients that dont cost a fortune.

I think there are recipes and ingredients that most people will like and enjoy, even non diabetics and vegetarians too. The desserts are amazing and healthy and so easy and quick to make.    

I like the shopping tips, i found them to be very helpful. There is good advice about types of fat and balancing my diet. I particularly liked the food checklist, it easy to follow and adjust it to ones own tastes.

All in all i think this book has a lot of good advice on what people need to know to control their diabetes and the recipes are so good it wont feel like your diet is limited.

I would definitely recommend the book, and not just to diabetics.

Catherine (Apr 18)


My family is the people who suffer from diabetes. This book really helped to create a family menu and enriched the diet. I liked the fact that the recipes are simple and not needing much effort in the production. Now this book is always at my fingertips in my kitchen.

Jurgita (Apr 18)


The book's easy to flick through and find ideas for meal planning. Recipes are quick and easy so suitable for beginners. However, it could be clearer that all recipes serve 4.

There's some useful information about diabetes in the introduction but I felt it was contradicted in some of the recipes provided.

A book like this should contain recipes that could be eaten everyday without concern. I'm not sure "Eat more potatoes" and "Bread as a basis" chapters should remain as is with those titles. It'd be wiser to have a chapter that included some of those recipes but that it was noted to not cook from that category everyday.

I was a disappointed not to find any quinoa recipes. Quinoa is low GI and contains proteins and fibre so surely would be useful in any diet and it's readily available in supermarkets. It can be used in many cases in place of couscous/rice so I think it could be suggested even without specific recipes.

I haven't read all of the recipes in detail but I've spotted a few mistakes:

"Charred asparagus with parmesan" is just one of the recipes marked as vegetarian but Parmesan typically isn't. A non-vegetarian may not realise if they were preparing it for someone else.

"Couscous with grilled vegetables" lists "grated rind and juice of 1 lemon" in the ingredients, there's a lemon wedge for serving in the photo but in the method it says "lime rind and juice". I'm sure they're interchangable but it should say.

I appreciate there isn't room for full page pictures of every meal but a small one for those without would be helpful. I like to know what a dish looks like before making it. If cost/space is an issue I'd prefer half page pictures of all the recipes.

George (Apr 18)


It was so nice to see on the market a cooking book with easy and fast recipes regarding the Diabetic Diet.

My father and grandmother (now with 93 years old) they are both Diabetic and sometimes she comes over with my dad for some days in my house, and it gets difficult to prepare her a varied sort of meals along the days.

This book is easy to follow, my dad has been using it as well, he lives alone and living alone makes all the difference regarding him cooking to himself.

He now thinks he is Gordon Ramsey from the Diabetics.

Looking forward for more books on this subject with more recipes and more useful ideas.

Alejandra (Apr 18)


This book was first published in 2002 and it shows. Most diabetics now try to follow a low carb and low GI diet. Yet this book states on page 13 "base your meals on starchy carbohydrate foods such as bread, potatoes, rice, pasta and cereals". These are exactly the foods we are told to avoid. It also advises the consumption of more fruit, again something that is now recognised as being wrong. 

There is a chapter with rice and pasta recipes, when it should be a chapter on alternatives to rice and pasta.

There is a further chapter entitled "Eat more potatoes" - how wrong is this?

Another chapter on "Bread as a basis" - why not just call it "Bread and how to poison yourself"?

There is a chapter on Beans, seeds and pulses with an excellent recipe for Herby bean cakes, the books one redeeming feature.

Ignore this book, there are far better out there. Diabetes UK should be ashamed to be associated with this book.

Nigel (Apr 18)


Amazing cook book. The recipes are very simple and easy to cook. I have had many recipe books and found them very complicated but Quick Cooking for Diabetes book is the best book I had till date.

Tomaj (Apr 18)


Well presented, colourful, informative, the dishes shown were reasonably priced, seasonably available, quick to prepare and cook, the recipes took all  the worry out of counting calories, and provided a good nutrional selection of meals that appeal to most ages and cultures.

It was noticed  that fish was used a lot, which could present a problem with sourcing fresh esp in a small shopping village as mine.

I am looking forward to trying out some of the desserts, which  is where my personal weakness is, and avoiding  sweet sugary things is challenging,

Thank you for the book, I look forward to  maintaining my blood sugar level and eating healthier .

Mary (Mar 18)


I was really impressed with the quality of the content within this booklet. There really are some great recipes! 

The book starts by explaining what Diabetes is (the 2 different types) and how it's caused. It has a section on Hypoglycaemia and what to do in the event of a hypo. There's a chart to show the Glycaemic index values of certain foods, plus there's a useful section on Nutrition. 

The recipes are categorised into sections according to food groups...ie:- Rice, pasta and other grains; Beans, seeds and pulses; Potatoes; Fruit and vegetables and Bread.

Finally, there's a glossary to explain any confusing words/terms. 

To summarise, I found this booklet really well put together. It's informative, useful, well illustrated and I'll certainly be putting it to good use!

Maxine (Mar 18)


I am delighted with this book. My doctor recently raised concerns about sugar levels in blood tests and asked me to change my diet to avoid the onset of diabetes. So the book could not have come at a better time as I look to change my dietary habits for the rest if my life.

The book is wonderful in terms of the amazing variety of options available and his simple the recipes appear to follow. 

I cannot wait to get started following the advice given and plan on using at least I e this weekend while visiting my twin brother.

John (Mar 18)


I've had diabetes for 7 years I lost 8stone over the first 2 years which bought my diabetes to diet controlled. This recipe book is very informative and love that it is all quick recipes. I have tried a few and been very tasty makes a change from the same old food been eating only criticism is it dosnt state how many the recipes feed steak sandwich for instance says cut into 4 so I take it it feeds 4 some look like it may feed more or just one found that quite confusing I have used common scense but would have liked a symble showing how many included in  breakdown chart. I will try a few more I don't check my sugar  levels as my GP dosnt like type 2 to do. It  so can't say how they react in all great easy recipes.

Zena (Mar 18)


The recipes in the book are clear and easy to follow. The photos give a good representation of the finished dish, and the layout has been well thought out.  There is a good selection to choose from and the ones I have tried to date have all been very tasty and straight forward to prepare.

Iris (Mar 18)


The book serves as an excellent introduction to healthy cooking. The recipes (all 30 minutes or less) are not laborious and the simplified layout allows one to navigate the options with ease. Whilst i've only prepared a few to date the straightforward dishes are very tasty and I would recommend this book to anyone looking either to cook for a diabetic or just trying to get into healthy cooking.

Cameron (Mar 18)


I recieved the book on quick cook for diabetes and have read through it and it is very informative with plenty of information for diabetes . Also covers other cooking possibilities and ideas on nutrition etc. Well worth keeping for reference use.

Paul (Mar 18)


I have had a real good look through the quick cooking for diabetes book and there are some interesting and innotive recipes in there which look appealing and appetising. There are lots of great ideas for alternative receipes which are suitable for diabetics with contain a few ingredient changes which I wouldn't of thought of doing. I have not made any of the recipes as yet as my son is newly diagnosed and has been in hospital for the last couple of weeks, but I'm looking forward to trying them all out on my family and friends.

Melanie (Mar 18)


A wide range of recipes using many different foods and gives helpful tips on what some of the foods are good for - such as vitamins they are rich in and health benefits. Recipes are quite easy to make and really tasty! Timings might be a bit off, I took a bit longer than was specified in the recipe book. All in all a very handy little book.

Laura (Mar 18)