• Quick Cooking for Diabetes

    Quick Cooking for Diabetes provides over 60 speedy recipes from quick snacks or meals for one to entertaining friends and family, It also contains practical information on how to create a balanced diet to suit your needs and maintain healthy blood-glucose levels.

    Written by Louise Blair & Norma McGough this book contains 70 recipes that can be cooked in 30 minutes or less. The recipes are specially selected to be suitable for diabetics and you can find snacks, main meal and puddings to suit all tastes. With a section on Living with Diabetes and Nutrition and Diabetes this is more than just a cookbook.

    Overall Rating: 4.2/5


Fantastic cook book not only for those who experience Diabetes, but for anyone who wants to eat delicious healthy meals. The meals are quick and easy and varied including vegetarian options. The graphics are good and the book is a nice, manageable size.

Josephine (Mar 18)


I was pleasantly surprised by this book. Most other cookbooks I’ve read on this subject have very few ‘normal’ recipes that you would use at home. I usually tag the pages of recipes I think I’ll use in cookbooks. I gave up on this book. There were so few recipes I wouldn’t use that the whole book would have been tagged. It’s great to know I can turn to any page and find a healthy recipe that I can cook for the whole family.

Michelle (Mar 18)


Fab recipes, great idea and fab ingreadatins to cook.  Fab reviews.

Claire (Mar 18)


This book is beautifully illustrated and contains recipes for meals which can be easily and quickly prepared using everyday ingredients and which the whole family can enjoy and benefit from eating.  What I particularly found useful were the sections entitled "What is diabetes?", "Nutrition and diabetes" and "Living with diabetes".  The information given in this book was far better than any I had received from both my GP and a Nutritionist.  There is also a Glossary at the back of the book which gives detailed explanations of the different terms used regarding the condition.  I now have a far better understanding of the condition thanks to reading and using this book.

Julie (Mar 18)


I was surprised at the food we could eat, I am a picky eater, and do not like a lot of food items. But the recipes made these foods tasty. I am trying to lose weight and I think this will help me do it. I tried the low GI diet, and did not like the results. But this book has good recipes in it that I and my husband can live with. My husband is not a pasta person, but he is OK with these dishes. I love rice and pasta, bread. I can see that it is OK to eat small amounts of these and not have a problem. I have made some of the recipes, and although they would not be my first choice, they do taste good.

Janet (Mar 18)


This book has got so many lovely recipes, not only are they tasty but varied. I do not eat red meat so can substitute the red meat for poultry or fish. It is different from the normal cook books as the recipes use different ingredients than the other books.

I recommend this lovely easy and interesting book.

Jacqueline (Mar 18)