• Scratch Sleeves

    Itchy, scratchy little one? Let skin heal with ScratchSleeves, the mitts that really do work.

    Suffering sleepless nights thanks to baby eczema, chicken pox, measles or other itchy skin conditions and regularly finding abandoned scratch mitts where your loved one wriggled out of them frustrates the most experienced parents. ScratchSleeves both stay on and their soft silk mitts minimise scratching damage. Available in sizes from 0-3m to 6-7y

    You can make this a thing of the past with Scratchsleeves because:

    • The outer silk mitts protect the skin while the inner layer of soft cotton allows full movement
    • Most toddlers are unable to remove them
    • They enable skin to heal, and reduce irritation and infection
    • Only soft cotton and silk touches your child’s skin, so they are extremely comfortableThe fabrics are robust and machine washable
    • They are working on children throughout the world.
    • ScratchSleeves can also help with hair pulling, thumb-sucking and post operative healing.

    As children become more independent they will of course learn how to put on and take off their own clothes without help, and ScratchSleeves are no exception. For older, more independent children we recommend putting ScratchSleeves on underneath their regular clothing or PJs. During the day putting ScratchSleeves on under a set of dungarees or a strapped top can be a practical solution as the ScratchSleeves can be put on or taken off by an adult without the need to remove other clothing but are much more difficult for children to remove by themselves.

    Visit www.ScratchSleeves.co.uk for more information 

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    Overall Rating: 4.5/5


Love the scratch sleeves. My 10 month old was constantly scratching his face and ears. His nails grow so quickly he was left covered in scratches on a regular basis, particularly at night. I tried everything I could to protect him, the scratch mitts would just be pulled off, and the built in scratch mitts he would work his way out of or suck to the point his hands would be soggy underneath.

These scratch mitts are wonderful, the sleeves are nice and long so he can't pull them off, the material is so lovely and soft against his skin and the silk gloves ensure his skin stays nice and dry underneath, even with having a good suck on them (especially with teething going on). They're easy to put on and take off and don't restrict him in any way, as he is still able to grab things whilst he's wearing them. They're also great for daytime use, in particular, whilst I'm breastfeeding him, as he does tend to grab and scratch whilst he's feeding, which prevents damage to me as well. 

The scratch mitts are easy to wash, being machine friendly, with the lightweight material being quick to dry. 

My only downside is that the linen edging felt a bit scratchy and stiff, so I was worried this may irritate my baby's skin, but it hasn't done up to now and I'm hoping this may soften with further washes.

Overall I'd give them 4.5/5, I'd definitely buy them again and wish I'd known about them when my boy was younger!

Sian (Mar 17)


I must admit I was a bit sceptical when I got the product thinking what difference will it make but it sure proved me wrong - it made a whole world of difference.

As soon as I got it I had my son try it (just before he was ready for bed so it's not so alien when I'm asking him to go to bed with it on). I noticed straight away that rather than him scratching and having marks from nails etc it was like a rubbing sensation with the silk sleeves. Thanks for providing 2 as was able to use the other when one was in the wash and they dried quickly too.

He slept through and on occasions when he woke I wasn't perturbed as I knew he was protected. The arms were not exposed so as well as out of sight for scratching it also kept him warm too.

The soft cotton material was gentle on his skin and allowed the skin to breathe. This really gave me peace of mind at night time as I knew no more damage was being done to his skin if he scratched. 

Amaka (Mar 17)


What a revolution and innovative idea Scratch Sleeves have come up with. This product is amazing. I think it can help so many children suffering from symptoms such as eczema, dry skin, pulling hair, sucking thumbs and various other problems that can cause serious stress and sleepless nights. I love them. I have been using them for around a couple of months now, I have to say it was so easy getting my little one to keep them on, especially when he is very fidgety. I found that just being persistent and keeping the hands covered at all times paid off. They are certainly not easy for a child of 7-8 months to get them off. He has now got used to the fact that he has to wear them. He had a bad habit of sucking his thumb and scratching his skin, he did seem a little frustrated at first but I have noticed that the scratch sleeves have stopped him from continuing with these habits. They have been washed so many times, they're very durable, haven't lost their colour, shape or look, they still look as good as new. The material is so soft and feels great against the skin. The silk on the mitts really helps to stop him from making his skin condition any worse. I highly recommend the scratch sleeves to be used by parents as early as possible, to get your child used to them. They are the perfect product for any early signs of skin conditions, or even even if a baby has the habit of pulling his or her own hair, sucking thumb, and even just accidentally scratching themselves in the face or you for that matter. I know some children can even grow out of suffering from skin conditions, if dealt with early enough and appropriately.

Satveer (Jun 16)


I first found out about Scratch Sleeves when I was reviewing products to help with eczema for baby's and toddlers for my website. When I heard that Chickenpox was making the rounds around my little boy's nursery, I remembered the site and ordered a pair of midnight blue ones for him. They arrived within a couple of days and I was impressed with the quality. I'll be honest, I first thought he'd never wear them as he sucks his thumbs but on day 2 when the itching really started he put them on and happily wore them. Nighttime was a problem with them to start with so I took a pair of scissors and made a hole for his thumbs to come through - he was happy and so was I. He could scratch without doing any damage and we both got some sleep.

I highly recommend them to any parent with a child that has Chickenpox and would award them a 5/5

Sally (Apr 16)


I received the products, GREAT IDEA, it helped my little one from scratching.  He did at first find it difficult to adjust, he did at first suck on them, but it took his mind off the scratching and eventually he fell asleep with them on. When I did my usual checks during the evening he was fast asleep with the mitts still on. They fitted his hands/arms perfectly and I didn't have to put them on too tight, they didn't loosen off, they stayed in place.

As a mum I was really impressed.  I have used little gloves but they always seemed to come away but these stayed in place and I would definitely use the next size up if my little one continues with his scratcing problem. They were simple, easy to use and effective and just the right type of colour.

Naomi (Apr 15)


Highly recommended. Easy to wash and very simple to use. My lil one has put it on each night all through the winter, it makes her feel very cosy and comfortable. The overall concept of the product is excellent, the mitts are super soft.  I will buy more in the future and will definitely recommend it to a friend.

Moumita (Mar 15)


I was looking for a remedy for our son's eczema as he was scratching his wrists/feet/face.  We were upset and he was getting a poor quality of sleep, or sometimes none at all. He was becoming impossible to calm. His eczema would sometimes become infected and we would have to  start him on the antibiotics and the steroid creams, we would have to go to the  doctor's regurlarly to try and remedy it. It seemed that as soon as his skin got better, the cycle would start again. It was really traumatic for my son as well as for us as parents - we felt helpless. ScratchSleeves is  such a wonderful and very simple product, it's hard to put into words the impact they've had. The practical result was that they instantly stopped the night scratching, which in turn led to my son sleeping longer/better at night.  His skin and mood has improved significantly. We had a happy little boy whose life is not dominated by sore skin. ScratchSleeves are awesome.  Very carefully thought out, well made, long-lasting and excellent value - I can't recommend enough. Sometimes in life it's the little things - a simple design like this - that can make a really massive difference. 

John (Mar 15)


I use these at nap times during the day. They are fantastic. Very soft. Easy to put on and take off as long as you have the right size. The silk on the hands part means no marks are left when he does try to scratch. I love the blue colour that I got looks so sweet on my baby. My little one likes it. 

I would recommend it for every dad and mom I am sure your child will sleep very quietly and in peace . 

Paul (Mar 15)


When I saw these advertised I was a bit sceptical, I knew I had to try something as nothing else seemed to be helping my little girl with her skin problems.

When I received the product to trial I was very impressed with the materials, so soft and gentle, very easy to put on and take off and not too thick so little one doesn't get too hot when wearing them, especially overnight.

First night little one tried to flap her arms until her hands were uncovered but soon gave up as she realised it was not her usual mitts to get off. She seemed to like the feel of the silk on her hands, settled quite quickly and had a wonderful 6 hour sleep! We also had a better night sleep without being woken by a screaming little one having hurt herself scratching.

After using them for a week she is a changed baby!  No more having to put lotion onto open scratches or trying to calm down red marks on her skin from trying to scratch. So much better for her skin not having to be covered in lotions everyday to soothe her.  It is wonderful having two of the items, so when one is being washed there is another to use.

Fantastic item, definitely 5 stars and would recommend to everyone who has little ones with problematic skin. 

Gail (Oct, 14)


I love them. I had to be very firm on the first night when we put them on. We called them his "snugglies" and encouraged him to stroke his face with the smooth silk mittens. Ever since that day he has worn them and now associates them with sleep.

They are such peace of mind for me and I now don't get distracted when driving or worry about him scratching in his sleep. Too early to say impact on eczema. My 2 year old still scratches when wearing them so I will be interested to see how durable they are.

5 stars

Nina (Feb 14)


When the Scratchsleeves arrived, I was impressed by the feel of the fabric and thought they looked nice too. The sizing seemed to be accurate as well. Unfortunately my 3-year old, who admittedly is very particular even by normal toddler standards, was having none of it. I tried on loads of occasions to persuade him to try them on, even using the "clappy hands" technique mentioned on the Scratchsleeves website. One time I did manage to get him to wear them but he was so unhappy I took them off. I think if this was the sort of thing he was used to having on since being a baby, he would have been ok with it, but as I said he is fussy especially with new clothes etc. I think I would definitely recommend Scratchsleeves for babies to grow up with, but unless you have a really easy-going toddler it would be difficult to introduce as a new thing.

It was a shame as they did seem to be really nicely manufactured and the fabric was lovely and smooth, and a nice colour. Based on that I would give them 3/5 stars.

Laura (Feb 14)


I have found these invaluable in helping with fight against scratching with my 6 month old baby. They are comfortable for him to wear and now his motor control has improved he is still able to manipulate objects through them. They are loose but this makes them easier to put on and don't constrict him too much.

They have washed well, though bobbled slightly around the edging seams. I use them mostly at night as my itchy son is particularly prone to scratching his head then, before we had these he would draw blood.

The only downside for us has been because my son also likes to suck his fingers on his left hand and gets very cross if he cannot. Therefore I gave "doctored" the sleeves on the left hand, they have survived this well. It would perhaps be good to have the ability to open the sleeves so that fingers/thumbs could sucked.

Rebecca (Feb 14)


Having used the scratch sleeves on my 6 month old foster child, I have to say I found them pretty good on the whole. By the time the scratch sleeves actually arrived I wish I’d requested a bigger size but child’s mum wanted to try the ones we had so…

They were certainly impossible for baby to get off and stopped him scratching his eczema, but frustrated him because he couldn’t suck his hands. Only to be expected I suppose. The scratch sleeves washed well and I would certainly recommend them if you have a child with really bad eczema.

Debbs (March 14)


I found the scratchsleeves to be great quality and comfortable for my little one to wear. I would say the sizing (for little ones anyway) is pretty spot on-Jak was 22months when we starting using the product and the 21-24mth size fit him nicely with a little growing room. The scratchsleeves seem to wash and wear very well too-no fraying or bobbling as you may expect.

Jak doesn't volunteer to put the scratchsleeves on but once they are on they don't seem to cause him any problems. Obviously the scratching is restricted using the scratchsleeves so his skin looks a lot better-i think we must've had  more night time scratching than i was aware of.

The scratchsleeves would be ideal for wearing under clothes if, for example, children were bad with scratching all through the day or during a bad flare up-especially if little one goes to nursery.

I would highly recommend this product for parents who have tried other options-these are safe and easy to use. They may seem a little expensive at first, but they are good quality and long lasting. Well worth it!

Lyndsey (April 14)


At first because of how severe Isaac’s eczema is we were unsure as to what (if any) impact these would have. When he was very young he did use conventional baby scratch mits and these helped slightly albeit intermittently. Having researched the Scratchsleeves our first thought was the price.

From a starting point of £8.75 (bear in mind we would need 2/3 as a minimum) they are quite expensive. That said when we saw the end product we were surprised at the quality and feel. Indeed Isaac himself did find them comfortable and they stayed on easily.  Our main issue was Isaac’s thumb sucking (he does this to alleviate the eczema pain/irritation). This at the start ended up being the main challenge and distraction from the trial itself. Once sorted he did quickly get into routine of wearing them - although I suspect this would not have been his first choice! Being fabric they did quickly get soiled with blood, sweat etc. and this made them unusable after a few hours. Certainly they needed washing daily (and even taken off during the night when it was particularly bad). 

Overall I think for mild eczema these would be a great tool and of course you likely to only need one so the cost would be o.k. For more severe cases like Isaac, you would really need a few to keep the wash cycle current adding to cost and wear on the garments. For short bursts - definitely an option but for longer term management of the condition I’m not sure it would be cost effective or practical solution. Having said this each case of eczema is unique and I would recommend them at least to try. 

Martin (April 14)