Having Spots or Acne when you are a teenager is the worst.

Acne affects 85% of teenagers and there is no dedicated support for teens in the UK – so we are building a site dedicated to teens containing all the information & support they will need. Acne can have a profound impact on a young person’s self-esteem and confidence. Millions of teenagers out there living with acne don’t know where to go for support, or don’t feel confident enough to ask for it. talkhealth are creating a dedicated site specifically to support teenagers living with acne.

This new site will act as the go to central hub for teens providing information and support to help better live with this condition on a day to day basis. The new site will cover all the areas that a teenager needs to know and understand about their skin during this time, from experiencing one spot to full blown acne. How best to look after their skin daily and when they should consider seeking extra help. The site will include views and thoughts from teenagers themselves to those of medical experts. We will look at different treatments and understand what results can be expected, along with looking at specific aspects such as the best make-up to use and how best to shave. To register your interest in our new campaign – whether you are a teen yourself, a parent, a medical expert or someone that works with teenagers – please follow this link and fill out our short registration form.

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