Are you always getting Cystitis / UTI’s?

Survey ends: 5 May 2020

We are looking for women with recurrent cystitis to try one a day Cysticlean® 240mg PAC over a 3 month period and provide us with a review and a star rating out of 5.

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Cysticlean®240mg PAC

Why am I always getting cystitis/UTI’s?

As experts in Urinary health for more than 12 years we are frequently asked this question.

Understanding this is key to maintaining your urinary tract comfort.

Where your GP has ruled out any complications-uncomplicated urinary tract infections are mainly caused by E coli bacteria adhering to the bladder wall. For people suffering 3 or more times a year this can become a real misery especially as doctors are increasingly reluctant to prescribe antibiotics because of growing antibiotic resistance.

Why are some people more susceptible? Often there is no obvious cause. The menopause, a new sexual partner, being overweight or being too sedentary can all be trigger factors. Anything that might damage the bladder wall -even a previous UTI can make it easier for bacteria to adhere to the bladder wall.

Finding a way of breaking this cycle of infection is key to maintaining bladder comfort.

Try one a day Cysticlean® 240mg PAC. It contains highest active available known for creating a hostile environment to toxins on the bladder wall. Derived from American cranberry-yes. But is head and shoulders above other cranberry products. The effect is PAC dose and quality dependent.

A lasting natural approach for a normally functioning bladder.

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