Many people’s thoughts on private medical insurance are....”not for me too expensive”, “I have a condition already so I wouldn’t get cover”, “I have cover, but it’s not right for me, and I can’t change it”; in most cases none of these statements are true.

SecureHealth (part of the AXA Group) who specialise in finding the right healthcare plan whatever the health circumstances, are looking to understand what barriers you may feel there are to either having cover for yourself and/or your family OR changing an existing policy to one that could be more appropriate to your current needs.

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Many people don’t realise that private medical care (PMI) is not only accessible in terms of costs, but that it can be customised specifically to an individual’s requirements and their family. A pre-existing condition doesn’t necessarily preclude cover and certainly doesn’t stop you from benefitting from a whole range of services for your health in general.

Private Medical Insurance through SecureHealth can offer you just some of the following benefits:

  • Access to the latest approved cancer drugs, even if they aren’t available on the NHS
  • Free helpline for musculoskeletal conditions or possible problems with a trained physiotherapist
  • Access to a Fast Track Appointments service enabling swift access to eligible treatment
  • Dedicated support from our cancer nurses over the phone, through all stages of treatment, diagnosis and recovery
  • 24 hour Expert helpline with nurses and counsellors whenever you need so you can make informed decisions about your health

You may be surprised at how affordable private medical insurance can be and don’t worry if you already have a medical condition, SecureHealth would be happy to discuss what your options are... likewise if you and your family already have private medical insurance why not speak to SecureHealth and see if they can improve your benefits, save you money or possibly both!

Call SecureHealth on 07957 168 338 to speak to one of their friendly team. [Lines open Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 5.00pm.]

SecureHealth are experts in private healthcare, who have been around for over 20 years. They are a specialist healthcare insurance company made up of nearly 50 knowledgeable advisors who are happy to visit you in your home or place of work to help you understand the private medical insurance market and find the best plan for you. If you’re too busy for an appointment SecureHealth also have the flexibility to handle everything over the phone, keeping it simple and taking the hassle away from you. And they're backed by AXA, one of the largest insurers in the world, which means they have financial stability and you have extra reassurance.

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