Would you like to help others living with a chronic health condition by sharing your experiences? If so we would love to hear from you. In partnership with Pharmafield Magazine, talkhealth are looking to recruit 10 patients with chronic health conditions who wish to share their story. If you want to help and inspire others by sharing your story - please click below...

Stories about personal experiences can awaken our awareness and provide some reassurance that you are not alone. The knowledge that others have been through the same trials and tribulations can be cathartic, rewarding and also helpful, as it gives you the opportunity to share ideas and ways of managing your condition.

Has your condition had an impact on your life? Have you ever experienced any side effects as a result of your condition? Do you feel positive about the future? By sharing your experiences you could educate and inspire others. If you are interested please complete this short registration form. We would also ask you to share a photo of yourself to go with your story. Stories will be published by Pharmafield on their website, across their Twitter feed and Facebook page and in emails to their own audience. If your story is used talkhealth will email you with a link to your story.

This is a chance for you to share your journey with others, an opportunity which will help many others living with a chronic health condition.

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