Online clinic service

Wish you could speak to leading medical experts directly from the comfort of your own home, and read and engage with others' thoughts and questions on in depth health issues?

talkhealth's monthly online clinic service offers you this opportunity, a new clinic begins each month focusing on a different topic but you can post your questions up to four weeks in advance and set a reminder so you can see when yours has been answered. Proudly working in collaboration with a wide range of medical experts and national charities, talkhealth provides this service FREE of charge. If you wish to ask a direct question or to join in on a discussion all you need to do is simply join our membership. Signing up is easy and at all times your identity and privacy is protected. If you miss any of the clinics you can still read all of the posts and answers to see if the issues you're most interested in were covered.

Using the menu bar above you can see details about our current, future and the past clinics. Meet the experts shows a comprehensive list of all the medical experts who have generously shared their knowledge and time contributing in the clinics, and finally the clinic index allows you to view all the clinic sessions. If there is a specific health topic that you would like to see covered in a clinic but can't see it in our future clinic list, please do let let us know and we can look at the possibilities of adding it for the future.