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ASK THE EXPERT - talkhealth have launched a series of mental wellbeing sessions; teaming up with experts to offer our community the opportunity to post questions monthly. This month's focus was on anxiety and Jayne Ellis and Teyhou Smyth kindly joinied us to give advice on coping with anxiety and tips on self-management. The clinic is now closed but you can view the questions and answers here.

talkhealth will soon be launching a Mental WellBeing support programme, providing dedicated information, sent to you by email in bite-size chunks. If you would like to register your interest in the Mental WellBeing support programme please fill out our quick expression of interest form here.

Medical Experts

  • Jayne Ellis

    Founder and Director - EF training

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  • Teyhou Smyth

    Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and Registere...

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Latest talk on Ask the Expert



Hi I have a fear of dentists which developed from and early age 8-9yrs i am now 54yrs Because of the removal of GA , myself and ... Gingersky, 20th Sep 2018


Relationship anxiety

What's the best way to approach anxiety in relationships? For example, telling someone you are dating that you suffer with anxie... funkiichiicka, 19th Sep 2018


Chronic pain & mental health

Hi. What tips do you have for coping with long term chronic pain (migraines) and associated anxiety (and depression)? My local... Lara J C, 19th Sep 2018


What home based solutions ease anxiety?

apart from mindfulness and meditation what other home based solutions/practical tips help ease anxiety/continuous thinking to he... Guest Posts, 18th Sep 2018


Anxiety and herbal relief

There used to be a herbal remedy called Kava Kava that helped with anxiety, but it is no longer on the market. Is there somethin... amaradnas, 17th Sep 2018



The Nhs is failing to help me with unbelievably long waiting lists for help-does anyone know where i can turn whilst i wait f... castlebergh, 17th Sep 2018


How to overcome social anxieties

I have been very socially awkward my entire life but after a long time of shutting myself away I feel I need to get out there an... Jaybelevee, 17th Sep 2018



My young daughter died suddenly aged just 30 a couple of years ago, we don't know why, they said sudden adult death on death cer... cookiemonster66, 17th Sep 2018


Anxiety and phobia!

Hello, I have kind of bit weird query but for me it makes sense so hope it will for you too Last year I had 2 burglaries in my ... mayarose, 17th Sep 2018


Anxiety related IBS

So I have severe anxiety and over the past year or two I’ve noticed it affects my stomach and causes ibs flare ups, when I’m... asbayford, 17th Sep 2018

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