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ASK THE EXPERT - BSF and talkhealth teamed up to offer our community the opportunity to put their acne questions to our panel of dermatology experts. Dr Anjali Mahto, Dr Emma Wedgeworth and Dr Rachel Abbott kindly joined us to give advice on coping with acne and spots, treatments available and tips on self-management. The clinic is now closed but you can view the questions and answers here.

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Medical Experts

  • Dr Rachel Abbott

    Consultant Dermatologist and Mohs surgeon - MBBS, BMEDSCI(HONS)...

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  • Dr Anjali Mahto

    Consultant Dermatologist and British Skin Foundation spokesperson

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  • Dr Emma Wedgeworth

    Consultant Dermatologist & BSF spokesperson

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Latest talk on Ask the Expert


White heads

Hi. My main problem is tiny hard white heads, especially in the forehead. Why do these occur, and how is it best to prevent th... Lara J C, 19th Jul 2018


Menopausal Acne ?

I’m mid 40’s and have been getting what appears to be cystic acne and spots from ingrown hairs on my jawline and chin for th... creativz, 18th Jul 2018



I currently use Duac Gel daily to help tackle my skin. I have very oily skin and get lots of small pimples (as well as some grea... KellyPercival36, 16th Jul 2018


Hormonal Acne

Since I crossed my 30s I have suddenly started getting hormonal spots or acne near my periods and even though I have tried to ea... mayarose, 16th Jul 2018


Spots and makeup

Hi, I find that my skin is very prone to spots and to hide this I've been masking them with makeup. I've been told that this can... Guest Posts, 16th Jul 2018


Living with spots for years

Hi, I'm now 18 and I've been living with spots for the past 4 years. Every time I think I've gotten them to go they come back. M... Guest Posts, 16th Jul 2018


Adult acne

I am 51 and I STILL have acne since my teens. I've tried about all creams, lotions, gels, soaps, makeup off the counter and a co... lilicauk, 16th Jul 2018


Tea tree oil routine

Hello! My acne isn’t the worst but it just seems like I clear one pimple up then 3 more come along. It’s really frustrating.... acnesselrodte, 13th Jul 2018


Accutane for mild but very persistent acne

Hi ive had 3 different antibiotics for acne currently on lyemecyline for a yr. Although my acne is mild but it's very persistent... Mohammad1123, 6th Jul 2018

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