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ASK THE EXPERT - BSF and talkhealth are teaming up to offer our community the opportunity to put their questions to our panel of dermatology experts regarding mental health and skin conditions.Dr Anton Alexandroff, Dr Andrew Thompson, Dr Alia Ahmed, Ben Choi and Dr Alexandra Mizara will be kindly joining us to give us their advice and support on Thursday 9th April but the clinic will be open from Monday 6th April for you to post your questions in advance.

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If you have a question that you would like us to post on your behalf email it to us here.

Medical Experts

  • Dr Alia Ahmed

    Consultant Dermatologist - BSc MRCP

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  • Dr Anton Alexandroff

    Consultant Dermatologist, Honorary Senior Lecturer & British...

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  • Ben Choi

    Occupational Therapist

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  • Dr Alexandra Mizara

    Chartered Counselling Psychologist

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  • Professor Andrew Thompson

    Registered Clinical and Registered Health Psychologist - DClinPs...

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Latest talk on Ask the Expert


Saggy skin

Having lost 2 stone due to illness at mid life, skin has gone saggy, which is a bit depressing. Will it fill back out again onc... Lara J C, 9th Apr 2020


Red rashy patches on cheeks

I wonder if you could advise me about red rashy patches that have appeared on my cheeks? I am 55 and first noticed them a couple... Guest Posts, 9th Apr 2020



Hi I have dark skin and hyperpigmentation all over my face and body from where eczema used to dwell, is there anything I can do ... ellie-g1, 9th Apr 2020


Urticaria + lesions + dry skin on neck like sunburn

Hi there, i hope you can help. Approx 6 weeks ago I changed my antidepressants from Duloxetine to Venlafaxine after a week on t... judefire66uk, 8th Apr 2020


Cutaneous Mastocytosis

I hope you might be able to clear up some confusion that I have. My three year old son was diagnosed with Cutaneous Mastocytosis... Guest Posts, 7th Apr 2020


Teenager with acne

My son is 16. He has had acne for the last 18 months or so. It started with blackheads and now seems to become small red spots q... Guest Posts, 7th Apr 2020


Red raw face

Hi I’m 45 years of age and have suffered with depression for near on 22 years I’ve been on and off medication for this amoun... Guest Posts, 7th Apr 2020


So self conscious

My daughter (30) has been on steroids for years as she is a brittle Asthmatic which has resulted in thinning of the skin and pin... Guest Posts, 7th Apr 2020


eczema, emollients, and intimacy

I have severe eczema and very dry skin. I therefore use emollients liberally and frequently all over my body. My sheets and clot... eczematous, 7th Apr 2020


Mental health and psoriasis

With us having to stay at home just now my psoriasis is coming out more and the itch is driving me mad, what can I do? moaningmin01, 6th Apr 2020

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