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ASK THE EXPERT – The Sleep Council teamed up with talkhealth to offer the community the chance to ask questions and highlight any concerns regarding children’s sleep. 

There are around 40% of children and young people across England and Wales currently affected by sleep issues.

In children and young people, poor sleep patterns adversely affect learning and cognitive ability which means they often fail to meet their full potential in school. Sleep deprivation is also linked to obesity and mental health. Children’s sleep problems are associated with high levels of parental stress and increase the risk of day time behaviour problems arising.

Lisa Artis head of The Sleep Council, Vicki Dawson, CEO and founder of The Children’s Sleep Charity and cognitive developmental psychologist and Dr Anna Weighall, reader in Cognitive and Developmental Psychology at University of Sheffield, joined us to answer your questions. The clinic is now closed but you can view the questions and answers here.

The Sleep Council is an impartial, advisory organisation that promotes the benefits of a good night’s sleep to health and wellbeing. Visit the Sleep Council charity page to find out more.

Medical Experts

  • Lisa Artis

    Head of The Sleep Council

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  • Vicki Dawson

    CEO and Founder of The Children's Sleep Charity

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  • Dr Anna Weighall

    Reader in Education, Director of MSc Psychology and Education - ...

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Nightmares/Night Terrors

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7 year old has low ferritin levels that effect his sleep

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My daughter is almost 4 years old. Evening time she is always sweat no matter how cold is in the room. Especially the first 20 m... Jenny135, 14th Oct 2019


My 9 year old daughter talking in her sleep

Hi and good afternoon. I have a 9yr old girl with asthma and excema. When she is ill she tends to have a rough night sleeping, i... Shakhera, 14th Oct 2019


2 year old keeps waking up

My son is nearly 3 year old. He got sleeping issues. We keeps waking up after 2 - 3 hours and starts crying. Can you please he... Guest Posts, 14th Oct 2019


My 12 year old only sleeps for 2 hours

My 12 yr old son can have 2 hrs asleep a night 8pm-9pm he falls asleep and then wake up and won't go back to sleep till next nig... Guest Posts, 14th Oct 2019

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