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ASK THE EXPERT – The Sleep Council is teaming up with talkhealth to offer the community the chance to ask questions and highlight any concerns regarding children’s sleep. 

There are around 40% of children and young people across England and Wales currently affected by sleep issues.

In children and young people, poor sleep patterns adversely affect learning and cognitive ability which means they often fail to meet their full potential in school. Sleep deprivation is also linked to obesity and mental health. Children’s sleep problems are associated with high levels of parental stress and increase the risk of day time behaviour problems arising.

Lisa Artis head of The Sleep Council, Vicki Dawson, CEO and founder of The Children’s Sleep Charity and cognitive developmental psychologist and Dr Anna Weighall, reader in Cognitive and Developmental Psychology at University of Sheffield, will be answering questions on Thursday 17th October but the clinic will be open from Monday 14th October for you to post your questions in advance.

The Sleep Council is an impartial, advisory organisation that promotes the benefits of a good night’s sleep to health and wellbeing. Visit the Sleep Council charity page to find out more.

If you have a question that you would like us to post on your behalf email it to us here.

Medical Experts

  • Lisa Artis

    Head of The Sleep Council

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  • Vicki Dawson

    CEO and Founder of The Children's Sleep Charity

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  • Dr Anna Weighall

    Reader in Education, Director of MSc Psychology and Education - ...

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