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3 May-8 Mar2018

ASK THE EXPERT - May is Bladder Cancer Awareness Month and Fight Bladder Cancer and talkhealth will team up to answer patient and carer questions that you may have including next steps following diagnosis, understanding your treatment and any side effects and guidance on any choices you might have to make.  Founder and CEO, Andrew Winterbottom will be on hand to take questions from the talkhealth community and will be answering your questions on Tuesday 8th May but the clinic will be open from Thursday 3rd May for you to post your questions.

Fight Bladder Cancer (FBC) is the only national patient-led charity for bladder cancer that is making improvements for all who are affected by bladder cancer in the UK.. To find out more about our work, click here

Medical Experts

  • Andrew Winterbottom

    Founder and CEO, Fight Bladder Cancer

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