Sacral Neuromodulation for urinary or faecal incontinence


ASK THE EXPERT – Medtronic Ltd and talkhealth are teaming up to offer patients the opportunity to ask experts questions about urinary and faecal incontinence. Bladder incontinence is very common, with current estimates suggesting that 3-6 million people in the UK and as many as 45 million people in Europe are living with some form of urinary incontinence. Despite its commonality, many people still struggle to talk about bladder conditions. NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) have published guidelines on the treatment pathway for continence. One treatment is InterStim™ Therapy (also called sacral nerve stimulation or sacral neuromodulation).

Mr Mohammed Belal, Consultant Urological Surgeon and Dr Martin Farmer will be joining us to give advice on all things related to urinary and faecal incontinence, therapies such as Interstim™ and other options available to patients and eligibility. They will be answering your questions on Thursday 14 June but the clinic will be open from Monday 11 June for you to post your questions.

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  • Mr Mohammed Belal

    Consultant Urological Surgeon; Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birming...

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