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Ask The Expert - The Urology Foundation and talkhealth teamed up to offer our community the opportunity to put their questions to our panel of urology experts regarding kidney issues.  

Leading experts Mr Ken Anson, Mr Ben Challacombe and Prof Bhaskar Somani joined us to give advice on all things related to the kidneys, including treatment options and tips on keeping our kidneys healthy. The clinic is now closed but you can view the questions and answers here.

The Urology Foundation is the only UK charity committed to ending the suffering caused by all urology disease so people can live their lives well. We work to ensure that those with a cancer or condition of the kidney, bladder, prostate or male reproductive organs can have access to the best patient care and the very latest treatments. We do this through the investment of urology research and specialist urologist and nurse training to achieve our mission of preventing, treating and, one day, curing all urological diseases. To find out more about our work, click here

Medical Experts

  • Mr Ken Anson

    Consultant Urological Surgeon

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  • Mr Benjamin J Challacombe

    Consultant Urological Surgeon and Honorary Senior Lecturer with ...

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  • Professor Bhaskar Somani

    Professor of Urology and Consultant Endourologist

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Kidney pain with UTI

Hi there, I have consistent UTI it clears up after 10 days of antibiotics then returns, I have a catheter fitted which is change... Guest Posts, 24th Oct 2019


Levels of deterioration

Hoping you are able to give me some advice on my questions below: 1. What is the best diet for chronic kidney disease? 2. What a... Guest Posts, 24th Oct 2019


Kidney Stones

What are the symptoms of kidney stones ? Thank you Guest Posts, 24th Oct 2019



I have been taking a low dose antibiotic to prevent UTIs for many years. Is this safe given the concern surrounding antibiotics? Gingerhair, 22nd Oct 2019


Would a mitrofonoff be helpful ?

Hi, I've suffered with recurrent kidney infections for a number of years. I also have problems with emptying my bladder and ofte... Nattyrob, 22nd Oct 2019


Kidney removed

My husband had one of his kidneys removed 19 years ago due to a tumour attached to the kidney. He has had good kidney health sin... JulesSMills, 22nd Oct 2019


Multiple urine infections

Please could you let me know what I should be asking my urologist to do for me so I can break the cycle of urine infection after... Guest Posts, 22nd Oct 2019


Protein in urine

I have protein in my urine. What can I do to sort the problem out? I am also diabetic. Thank you. Guest Posts, 22nd Oct 2019


mixed incontinence and catheters

I have mixed incontinence as a result of damage to my bladder following bowel cancer and radiotherapy. To help with my problems ... jaclowe1, 21st Oct 2019


kidney stents

I have a urinary stoma following a cystectomy in 2010. Because of kidney problems I had stents fitted to the kidneys/stoma ear... dianamary, 21st Oct 2019

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