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Ask The Expert - Around half of the population has a penis and whilst they are often the butt of jokes, they are rarely spoken about seriously. 

The reality is that a medical problem with a penis can be very traumatic for a man. To compound the problem, too many men would rather hide the problem than face the awkwardness of talking to a medical professional about it. When men do this, they run the risk of making the problem a lot worse. 

This clinic was an opportunity to anonymously ask any questions you might have about the health of your penis or that of your partner. Our experts, Mr Ben Ayres and Mr Vaibhav Modgil kindly answered all your queries and concerns that you had on problems with foreskins, erections, cancer, injuries, and much more on 18 July. The clinic is now closed but you can view the questions and answers here.

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  • Mr Ben Ayres

    Consultant Urological Surgeon

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  • Mr Vaibhav Modgil

    Consultant Urological Surgeon and Andrologist

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Tight pelvis

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Erections as you age

What is the physical reason for erections reducing in strength as we age and what can be done to combat it? Michael Guest Posts, 17th Jul 2019


Problem with circumcision results

Hi, In September last year after suffering balanitis then lichen schlerosus leadingto phimosis, I went to my local urology depa... jordanjanssen, 16th Jul 2019


Prostate health

To what extent does “ Use it or lose it “ apply to the Prostate and does regular ejaculation help to reduce the risk of Pros... Michael123, 16th Jul 2019


Peyronies disease

If you have been diagnosed with Peyronie's disease will it get worse in time, or will the curvature remain the same? curlytops, 16th Jul 2019

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