The Urology Foundation - Problems Peeing


ASK THE EXPERT - Going to the toilet is something that we take for granted every day until suddenly it becomes a problem. If you’ve ever had problems going to the toilet or questions about your toilet habits, this clinic is for you. 

The Urology Foundation will be teaming up with talkhealth to give the community a chance to ask our experts questions regarding any problems they have had when peeing. This could be feeling like you need to pee, but being unable to go, it could be going too often or too little, it could be only being able to pass a little pee, it could be any pee-related questions you might have.

Any questions you have about your toilet habits can be put to our panel of experts which include nurses Elaine Hazell and Sharon Clovis, from Guy’s and St Thomas’s Hospital in London, Marcus Drake, a consultant urologist in Bristol, and Ian Pearce, a consultant urologist from Manchester. They will be answering your questions on Thursday 6 December but the clinic will be open from Monday 3 December for you to post your questions in advance.

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This Ask the Expert forum is not yet available.
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