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ASK THE EXPERT - Going to the toilet is something that we take for granted every day until suddenly it becomes a problem. If you’ve ever had problems going to the toilet or questions about your toilet habits, this clinic is for you. 

The Urology Foundation teamed up with talkhealth to give the community a chance to ask experts questions regarding any problems they have had when peeing. Experts for this clinic were nurses Elaine Hazell and Sharon Clovis, from Guy’s and St Thomas’s Hospital in London. The clinic is now closed but you can view the questions and answers here.

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Medical Experts

  • Sharon Clovis

    Prostate Nurse Specialist

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  • Elaine Hazell

    Clinical nurse specialist, Functional Urology

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Latest talk on Ask the Expert


narrowing down the cause?

hello! let's see... i've got a number of urogynae things going on. I went to a heavy menstrual bleeding clinic, and turned out i... cathytoss, 6th Dec 2018


Type 2 diabetes

Why is it when my blood sugars are controlled I want to pee frequently and I have slight incontinence. gedjarvis, 6th Dec 2018


interstitial cystitis

I have suffered with this for more years than I care to remember and just wonder if there is any new treatment out there other t... Dizzy2220, 5th Dec 2018


Start Stop Slow Peeing

I am 44 and for as long as i can remember i have had trouble peeing. It takes ages with a very slow flow and constant start stop... Runner20k, 5th Dec 2018


urine problems

My urine is cloudy and my DR as said to drink more water, it is still cloudy I have taken some powders for cyctitis , which has ... katieoxo60, 5th Dec 2018


25 Year Old Noctouria

As a 25 year old Male, exercise 4 times a week and only moderately drink I would picture myself in very good health. However, Ov... jackclegg11, 5th Dec 2018


Night time peeing

Hi Iam a 59 female .gone through.the menopause.but at night time I go to the toilet every 3 /4 hours ...I can't sleep on my side... Janstopic, 5th Dec 2018


Suprapubic Catheter management and bladder retention

Hi I am paraplegic. As a result I lost function of bowel and bladder. In hospital I was told I had flaccid bladder yet had very... dancerkendo, 5th Dec 2018



I feel like I want to go for a pee but when I get there I cannot go for ages I just stand there for 5 minutes or so before I can... KINGY1949, 5th Dec 2018


Peeing blood & blood clots !!

Hi, a friend of mine, has recently been passing blood, a lot including blood clots the size of a fingernail. He is male , 50 yea... trevorparfitt, 4th Dec 2018

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