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ASK THE EXPERT - The Urology Foundation and talkhealth teamed up to offer our community the opportunity to put their questions to our panel of urology experts regarding urinary tract infects (UTIs).  Mr Adrian Joyce, Mr Nikesh Thiruchelvam and Mr Chris Harding gave advice on all things related to UTIs, including treatment options and tips on how to avoid them. The clinic is now closed but you can view the questions and answers here.

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  • Mr Chris Harding

    Consultant Urological Surgeon

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  • Mr Adrian Joyce

    Consultant Urologist

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  • Mr Nikesh Thiruchelvam

    Consultant Urologist

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Latest talk on Ask the Expert


Diabetes & UTI's

I suffer from diabetes and have started getting recurrent UTI's. Is there a link between the 2 and if so can I do anything to he... Guest Posts, 24th May 2018


Can changing your diet help stop UTI's

I was wondering if there are any changes I can make to my diet to help stop getting UTIs? I've heard about cranberry juice, are ... Guest Posts, 24th May 2018


UTI's in pregnancy

I never had a UTI until I became pregnant and I now I’ve had three. Could it effect my baby? Thanks Steph Guest Posts, 24th May 2018


Type 2 diabetes & UTI's

I’ve recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and heard that I might get frequent UTI’s. What can I do to stop this from... Guest Posts, 24th May 2018


Been on Vagifem for 8 monhs

Was precribed Vagifem and Eumovate cream for menopause symptoms of itchy and sore vagina, when I wee sometimes it hurts but not ... issy0503, 23rd May 2018


Bladder leaking and pain etc

[size=85 ]Hi I'm late 20s and I have a lot of bladder pain and I leak a lot I'm told that they see protine in my urine and often... Pepsink2, 23rd May 2018


Urinary infections

I have to catheterise 4 times a day, and also leak, I have been told to restrict my fluids to 6 drinks a day and I am finding th... sandraharvey, 23rd May 2018


Leaky Bladder

Im in my early 60s. I have stress incontinence and have seeked help but still ongoing. My question is would this be adding to su... Lovetolaugh, 23rd May 2018


Urinary tract infections

Are antibiotics the best way to treat utis.? Having been treated for bladder cancer, I suffered three utis in four months, all ... Michael123, 23rd May 2018


UTI's with self catheterisation

I catheterise 3 times a day and from time to time get UTI's. My regime is wash hands thoroughly, then use Isagel hand cleaner, t... 5barblues, 23rd May 2018

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