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ASK THE EXPERT – Sometimes the route to health involves making small changes to the choices we make each day.  But what, exactly, are the changes that might be most relevant to you and your issues? And how can you implement them in a way that is ‘doable’ over the long term?  talkhealth has teamed up with the UK Health Coaches Association to provide our community with answers to these questions and also give you access to some useful strategies, support and advice to help you take back control of your own health in easy incremental steps. Our panel of Health Coaching experts embrace deep knowledge and experience across a range of health issues from stress management and balancing work and parenthood, exhaustion, fatigue and burn-out, support through peri-and-post menopause and how to use diet and lifestyle choices to manage chronic lifestyle-related disease.

The Ask The Expert session opens 9 September, and the experts will be answering all your queries and concerns regarding well-being throughout the week ending Friday 13 September.

The UKHCA is the only UK resource dedicated to providing support and advocacy for Health Coaches and their clients. We work to maintain the highest standards of Health Coaching across the country and, in collaboration with other engaged stakeholder groups, to make a positive impact on the health of the nation.

Our members are fully certified Health Coaches who are specifically trained & experienced in supporting and empowering individuals to make sustainable lifestyle changes to improve their health one step at a time.

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Medical Experts

  • Simone Gilbert

    B. Ec, IAHC - Health & Wellness Coach

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  • Fran McElwaine

    AFMC, CHHC - Functional Health & Lifestyle Coach

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  • Ali Mortimer

    Holistic Health & Happiness Coach (IIN)

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  • Lauratu Osu

    Health & Lifestyle Coach

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