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ASK THE EXPERT - Wellbeing of Women and talkhealth teamed up to offer our community the opportunity to put their cervical screening questions to our panel of experts. Stamatina Iliodromiti, Dr Fiona McCarthy and Shakila Thangaratinam kindly joined us to give advice and support regarding cervical screening. The clinic is now closed but you can view the questions and answers here.

Wellbeing of Women was founded 55 years ago and is one of the only charities finding cures and treatments across the breadth of female reproductive health, including pregnancy & childbirth, fertility, gynaecological cancers, and overlooked areas like endometriosis, PCOS and the menopause.. Visit the Wellbeing of Women charity page to find out more.

Medical Experts

  • Stamatina Iliodromiti

    Honorary Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

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  • Dr Fiona McCarthy

    MB ChB MRCP (Med Onc) PhD

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  • Shakila Thangaratinam

    Consultant Obstetrician

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Latest talk on Ask the Expert


cervical screening + contraceptive implant

I'm on my 3rd cycle of the contraceptive implant - I've been really lucky that my periods stop during this time (apart from very... CrystalBlue, 26th Jun 2019


Is there a less invasive way to screen/test?

I'm high risk of developing cancer, I've always known this. Sexually active and pregnant at a young age, have PCOS (that no-one ... zoeleeds, 26th Jun 2019


Cervical screening and ttc

Is it safe to have a smear when trying to conceive? Or in very early pregnancy? Thank you x HannahE85, 25th Jun 2019


Screening stops

At what age do you no longer need to be screened? Thanks, Christine Guest Posts, 25th Jun 2019


Abnormal results

If you've had an abnormal result in the past then a normal after is it possible to still get an abnormal later on? Amakonchi, 25th Jun 2019


Endometriosis and Uterine Fibroids

I have endometriosis and Uterine Fibroids, I have never been for a test before and was wondering will the test hurt more with th... topiramate1, 25th Jun 2019


cervical screening

Do you think that Cervical Screening process should be taught on an information basis within schools and colleges along with fem... misselle, 25th Jun 2019


Age when cervical screening stops

I’m a 69 yr old woman and wonder if this service is still available at my age. THANKYOU Carol Guest Posts, 25th Jun 2019


variety of speculums

Do you not think women would be more inclined to take up screening if a variety of speculums were offered? Not every woman has h... Guest Posts, 25th Jun 2019


Smear test as a virgin

Why did my local practice nurses, still insist on me having a smear test, and a test for std, even after they examined me, and ... Guest Posts, 25th Jun 2019

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