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Scars can appear anywhere on the body and are usually as a result of a wound or injury, they can also develop as a consequence of a skin condition such as acne and chicken pox. Scars are extremely common and can affect a person mentally and physically. 

Barts Health NHS teamed up with talkhealth to offer our community the chance to put their itchy scars questions to experts Mr. Ioannis Goutos, Professor Simon Myers, Clinical Nurse Specialist Daren Edwards and Clinical Nurse Specialist Flordelyn Selim. The clinic is now closed but you can view the questions and answers here.

Medical Experts

  • Mr Daren Edwards


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  • Mr Ioannis Goutos

    FRCSEd(Plast), MSc Burn Care

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  • Professor Simon Myers

    Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon

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  • Flordelyn Selim, BSN RN

    Scar Management Clinical Nurse Specialist

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Latest talk on Ask the Expert


Knee Scar

Itch can be due to a number of reasons in your knee scar. a) Normal scar. Itch is associated with healing and it might be th... Mr Ioannis Goutos, 22nd May 2017


Scars on ankles where varicose veins have been stripped

I have so awfully itchy skin where my veins have been stripped or injected .I have tried all sorts of creams ,My skin on my ankl... william8, 21st May 2017


itchy skins for babies eczema

When you have a baby with eczema on their bottoms. Sit them in the bath and tell them to wee and sit on it, it can cure eczema. ... margarine, 20th May 2017


itchy old keyhole surgery scar right next to my belly button

Hi I had keyhole surgery - four holes to have my gallbladder removed in September 2014. 3 of them have healed brilliantly. The... Catjemi1, 19th May 2017


Thigh scar

I have a scar on the inside of my right thigh that is itchy and purple. I don't know what to do to help it? rainbowgirl84, 19th May 2017


Itch feels like it is inside.

I was in an accident about ten years ago which resulted in an emergency surgery that has left me with a scar from hip to hip. T... Bliss Thompson, 19th May 2017


Healing scars on legs and arms

I have many scars forming on my legs and forearms from a currently undiagnosed skin condition. The scars are forming where I had..., 19th May 2017


Healing Time

My husband was bitten on the hand by a dog on New Year's Eve. He didn't go to hospital as it was too busy in A&E but probabl... tillys66, 19th May 2017


Scratch that itch, yes or no?

My husband has an itchy scar on his forearm does scratching the itch make the scar look worse and is it more likely to lead to m... janiew12, 19th May 2017


mucosal damage

for prof myers please, Is it possible after many years to have any reconstruction done on a damaged lip where there is internal ... gainsboroughgirl, 19th May 2017

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