Heather Jackson

RN, DN, BSc (Hons) Public Health

Heather has worked in a variety of community settings; including District Nursing and Chronic Disease Management. Employed by Bolton NHS for over fifteen years, she worked as a community nurse for many years. Heather has also worked in the commercial sector which focused particularly on urological conditions. Specialist areas of interest include; Older people`s health, palliative care, chronic disease management and continence.

In January this year, Heather joined the PromoCon team at Disabled Living as a Nurse Specialist with a specific focus on bladder health. PromoCon is a national organisation providing professional advice and support via the helpline and website, research and training and producing information/ advice literature for children and adults with bladder and bowel problems. Heather is passionate about Continence, and raising the awareness of continence problems in order to improve the quality of life for all sufferers.


Bladder & Bowel UK (formerly PromoCon)

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