Karen Irwin is a PromoCon Continence Nurse Advisor

Karen Irwin

Bladder & Bowel UK (formerly PromoCon) Continence Nurse Advisor

Karen has worked in a variety of clinical settings, including, neurology, district nursing, medicines management, project management and service development within the NHS.

Karen has 18 years clinical experience working with people with continence, bladder and bowel problems and currently holds a clinical nurse specialist post with the bladder and bowel service at Bolton NHS Trust. She has a strong interest in caring for adults with bowel problems and has also been involved nationally with a number of working parties and projects.

In addition, Karen has recently joined the PromoCon Team, at Disabled Living NW as a Continence Nurse Advisor, which is a national organisation providing professional advice and support via the helpline and web site, research and training and producing information / advice literature for children and adults with bladder and bowel problems.

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