Lisa Irving

Health Coach

Lisa Irving is a health coach by passion and by profession. Her passion is utilising sustainable and gentle methods for bringing the body back into its natural state of balance, focusing on mind-body connection which in her experience often sits at the root cause of many health struggles.

While her work is strongly rooted in healthy nutrition, she always looks beyond to explore the concept of deficiencies in one or more of the “primary foods” - those aspects of our life, other than nutrition. She knows the value of restoring balance in al areas of life to optimise health and wellness. She is am also trained in applied Functional Medicine which allows her to get a deeper understanding of complex and interconnected dynamics that could be at play in many common chronic health conditions.

The concept of lifestyle medicine is very powerful. It gives you the knowledge about and control over your health . Lisa is thrilled to be able to help you navigate any changes necessary with ease and confidence.