Rosemary Mallace is a personal fitness trainer for those people over 50

Rosemary Mallace

Personal Trainer

Rosemary retrained as a Personal Trainer, specialising in working with people over 50, at the age of 60.
Her light bulb moment happened in her mid-50s when she heard a man in his 60s complaining to a young gym instructor that younger trainers don’t understand the aches and pains that older people can have when exercising.

She has completed the Certificate in Personal Training, Outdoor Fitness, Nutrition and Exercise, Exercise for Older Adults and Exercise and Disability with YMCA Training and is a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS).

Many personal trainers work with older people, but Rosemary considers that her age is a definite advantage and helps her clients identify with her. She works with a variety of ages ranging from not quite 60 to mid-80s.

Rosemary believes that exercise is the key to enabling older people to stay independent as long as possible and to have the quality of life that is often missing.

Many older people understand that they need to maintain a certain level of fitness in order to enjoy their older years but are not always sure how so she works with them to show them how to exercise in a non-gym environment using everyday activities to increase fitness.

Rosemary believes that older people are more likely to stay motivated to keep exercising if the exercises are not done in isolation. The exercises that she uses all have a practical use in everyday life such as reaching top shelves, walking, either for necessity or pleasure, pulling bags out of bins, getting in and out of the bath, washing hair and so on. These need strength, joint mobility, balance and flexibility. Her sessions also contain exercises which raise the pulse and make them puff a bit.

These exercises can be practiced at home with virtually no equipment.

Rosemary believes that exercise happens in the head initially, and works with the whole person. She has guidance qualifications, has an NLP certificate and uses Person Centred Thinking with her clients by completing a One Page Profile with them to enable her to find out what is important to them and how she can best support them.


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